Amazon HD Streaming issues

I am new to the community and really need some help. My Unity Nova is fabulous for sure. I can’t figure out how to use Amazon HD on it. Tidal is easy, my NAS is easy. I can use Bluetooth for Apple music as I wish (not good quality as we all know), but Amazon HD is a service that I really, REALLY want to be able to use. Any suggestions as to how I can do so. I’m NOT super techy.

Hi Dungar, and welcome to the community!

Amazon Music integration is on our wishlist, but we’ve got some other priorities with existing partners first, starting with our TIDAL Connect implementation, due this summer.

In the meantime, you have options! You can stream Amazon Music (but only in SD, not HD) via Chromecast (Your Nova has Chromecast built in). You can stream direct from the Amazon Music app on an Android device:

Or if you have Apple devices, you can use AirPlay 2 - again, straight from the App. This does support Amazon Music HD, though AirPlay 2 itself can only handle up to CD quality.

Incidentally, Apple Music will also sound better streaming via Apple AirPlay than Bluetooth - you can do that direct from the Apple Music app, as per above

As far as i know, Amazon HD is not supported via Chromecast, only SD (mp3 quality).

You are correct! Apple AirPlay 2 does, though, so that’s potentially best-quality option for now. (Though of course AirPlay 2 tops out at CD quality…)

It’ll still work via Chromecast, just not in ‘HD’ right now. I have clarified my original post.

Yep, Amazon Music HD is not supported on Chromecast according to the Amazon Music HD FAQ page.

Hardly a surprise seeing as Amazon want to sell you more hardware and aren’t best buddies with Google

I’d like to bet Amazon Music SD sounds better via a Nova than the ‘HD’ alternatives from Amazon, though…

Probably but how would Amazon Music HD sound with an Echo Link using its digital out in to a Nova? That’s what Amazon would want you to do :slight_smile:

£290 for another box (and one that’s been very poorly reviewed) is not the ideal solution.

I’m not disagreeing with you! Just saying that’s what Amazon would want you to do so they can sell you more hardware :slight_smile:

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Amazon Fire Stick in the Nova’s HDMI input perhaps? :slight_smile:


I’ve actually found Airplay to be very good, even if limited to CD quality. No end of issues with Chromecast over the years, my biggest gripe being lack of gapless playback without jumping through hoops.

Without simple methods to play Amazon ‘HD’ content to your hi-fi the whole thing seems a bit of a gimmick to me, at least the way I listen to music,

Although native integration of more streaming services would be good, the newer streamers/Uniti range really benefit from having Roon compatibility. Roon isn’t for everyone, I have often been sceptical, but if Roon added more streaming services it would be a great bridge to all Roon enabled streamers . The RAAT could even become a viable standard for streaming, it would be nice if all the companies paid Roon for integration in their app (do they?) - this would provide more choice for consumers and could potentially allow lower Roon subscriptions subsidised by the streaming companies - probably an idea that would never fly!

Can you not stream Amazon HD and Ultra HD over APTX HD Bluetooth, My Samsung S8 (I use for the my nd5xs3) has this built in and so does the xs3. Not tried it myself but was hoping this would be possible.

Must admit I think Amazon have dropped the ball by not making sure that their newest music service can be played on most compatible devices.

AptX HD is 576 kbit/s max, so it wouldn’t be possible to play FLAC without downsampling.

It was a conscious decision obviously, they want to sell their Fire brand of streaming devices that do support Amazon HD. They could easily support Chromecast as well but Google is one of their main competitors in home automation, so they will wait as long a possible before taking that step.

Thats a shame thought it may have been a solution rather than plugging the phone directly into my Nait Xs3. Would have liked to go via the ND5Xs2 for the use of the DAC over my phone.

I get it was a conscious decision but considering that half of the apps, like the Naim control app are not on the Amazon store it makes the Fire Tablet redundant for many peoples needs I suspect, a shame as its not a bad bit of kit for the money. The lack of Chromecast support is a joke IMO considering you can stream Mp3 format from the Amazon Music App and would have served as a good stop gap.

Looks like I will be waiting for full Naim integration with Amazon Music HD before I consider it

Apart from these which devices did you want?

Errrrr Naim!

Yes of course but you said Amazon had dropped the ball.

Well I think they have personally speaking and I own a number of devices with a few from from manufacturers supported but not my main system. Its why i think the Chromecast omission is ridiculous as it almost instantly gives you more take up across the board for a service competing against a lot of others.

I agree with you re the Chromecast but then that would be Apple supporting a competitors system. I think it is about time that both Apple and Android started interfacing more.

Meanwhile of course Naim have got to get on board a little quicker with their streaming options. They are losing business that would otherwise happily go to them.


Im probably being over picky in truth, Just get a tad fed up of always needing another device or add on to potentially play, watch or listen to something, never ending.