Amazon HD

Hi. What is the best way for me to stream Amazon Music HD through my Uniti 2?

I’d say the easiest way is to get a Chromecast Audio and connect it with an optical cable.

Thanks for getting back. Understand Chromecast has been continued so wondered about support in case of any problems?

Yes, it is a discontinued product, so there is always the possibility that it will not work at some point in the future. However, they can still be found online. I tried one out of curiosity, and it seemed to work very well. It’s cheap enough to try, so I guess there’s not much to lose.

I didn’t think the Amazon app supported Chromecast.

Last weekend as an experiment I purchased an Amazon Fire 7 tablet and connected this to my UQ2 via a 3.5mm jack to RCA lead.

Result is very good and only cost £49 okay I have to get out of my chair to change the track or shout across the room to Alexa :slight_smile:

On second thoughts, I’m not sure if it supports lossless (what Amazon call HD) so not ideal. I quite like HiFiman’s idea of an Amazon Fire given how cheap they are, maybe with a ling cable. With the old streamers, you can usually persuade an iPhone to play direct into the USB port too.

Thanks Chris the Amazon tablet works rather well just need to improve on the interconnect cable I will check out what’s available.

Looking ahead I’m considering the Bluesound Node 2i for my main setup (272/555DR) I’ve read glowing and convincing reports on this product, tempting.


Thanks :+1:

What does this do that the 272 doesn’t? Qobuz?

Amazon HD is not supported via ChromeCast. The only way is to have a streamer that supports it or connect your pc to the SU some how. The options are very limited it’s a poor service as a result of this.

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Forget using android devices as well even Amazon’s own as you will get hobbled by Androids system resampling so everything gets resamples to 48/24 it’s not bit perfect. Infact the whole service is not bit perfect as on any platform it will either up or downsample to the max the device supports it has no way to switch rates or control DACs properly. Give it a wide berth and use Qobuz or Tidal.

The 272 only supports Tidal and Spotify, Qubuz I think users have got around this by using BubbleUPnP so as an existing Amazon Prime subscriber I took out their Music HD setup but this only plays on a handful of support devices one of them the Node 2i

Is this the case with the Bluesound Node 2i

While I do want a decent streaming sound quality I’m not sure I want to pay as much as Tidal are charging per month. Although I see their offering some pretty good deals to new subscribers…possibly due to the Amazon launch.

It’s works ok for the node one of the few it does. I have node 2 and it works. However their interface and functionality is very limited compared to using the.native Amazon app.

Source first is all I will say. I let my trial go to waste and not renewed due to the shortcomings of the service. Too many compromises and you can tell this is just using the hd stuff as a USP and not aiming it the hifi sector at all. It still sounds ok but your not getting what your paying for though as it cant truly output at native rates for everything.

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Just ordered the Node 2i I will report my findings after I have tried line in and toslink into the 272.