Amplifier or smart amplifier

Hi all, I recently bought a pair of PMC Twenty5.22 and I am very happy. It was a dream having these speakers.
My setup is LG OLED TV → QED Performance J2P → NAD C315 → PMC.
I know that using the Tv as a source is not a good but this is all I have. I have read that LG have good dac in it but I have no idea how good exactly. That’s why my question is - new amp and continue using the TV as a source, or a device all in one. I also know that separate boxes is better but I can’t afford it. All my gear is second hand and the amp that I’m about to buy will also be second hand.
I read about Superuniti and also about Cyrus One Cast. I don’t know what to do and any help here will be great.

Hi Lumpy, it’s some years since I last heard any Cyrus equipment but I did used to own a SuperUniti which is rather good.
I suspect it would be quite an improvement compared to the NAD C315.
The SuperUniti does have some limitations, with it being older technology. The later ones supported Bluetooth which make it possible to stream from a phone for example. However, there are work arounds such as an old Airport Express for streaming from iPhone or Chromecast for streaming from an Android phone (I believe).

This being the Naim forum you’ll probably get a lot of votes for the SuperUniti, but I would personally not go that route. The SuperUniti might (haven’t heard it) be a great device still sonically, but it’s streaming platform is outdated and severely limited in this day and age.

I have heard the Cyrus One (not Cast), and must say I was impressed. Assuming it’s successor builds on it sonically, that would be a good option. From a connectivity pov it’s nice that it supports Chromecast, AirPlay, Spotify/Tidal Connect etc. I.e. you don’t need a proprietary app, and all if not most services will just work.

Another one you can consider adding to the list is the NAD C338.

I’m guessing a 2nd hand Naim Atom or Cambridge Audio EVO 75 are out of budget?

An alternative suggestion would be just get new source, like the Primare NP5 Prisma. Your budget will probably even allow for getting it new. You can then just keep using your current amplification.

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How do you use the TV as audio/music source?

Streaming apps on the TV? Via a smartphone (or other source) and Bluetooth, AirPlay, ChromeCast, DLNA/UPnP? Anything else?

This might lead to different features which you may look for.

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If you can get a bargain by bidding on eBay, then a Naim Atom is a great option and what I use with a TV and old Shahinians in my bedroom.


I have a TV/Lounge setup with LG OLED + Uniti Atom, those are working with Focal in wall speakers.
I’d imagine you’d find an Atom would work nicely with PMC’s, I’ve certainly used PMC’s for years across many Naim based systems with positive results.
You can simply connect the TV directly to the Atom using HDMI ARC as well.

Hi all, now I use the internal dac of the TV and send analog signal to NAD amp. That’s why I think this is not a good option (to use TV’s dac).
I have Spotify and Tidal as apps on my TV and play songs directly from the tv.
I was considering Cyrus one cast because it have HDMI ARC and I will be able to send digital signal to It and use the Cyrus internal DAC (I suppose it should be better than the TV).
Other thing is that my amp is old and it is 2x40W.
I’m not sure what is the price of Naim Atom second hand but probably will be over my budget (1000-1200€) and also - isn’t it better to have more watts?!

Yes I know I am in a NAIM forum and maybe it is not appropriate to ask about different stuff but I am counting on people with more knowledge already played different combinations to give me an idea.

You could consider the Cyrus 8XPD (probably within €1000 these days?) which has a very good quality DAC and good amp and, especially if your room is slightly bigger, it might work better with your speakers. It will have a drier sound than Naim but nice and authoritative with relatively sensitive speakers like yours.
You can feed any digital signal into the 8XPD and add a different streaming source instead of your TV later when you can?

The SuperUniti is indeed a very nice all-in-one, with a very pleasing amplifier but older streaming platform built in: it will work for Tidal and Spotify Connect (paid account only), plus all your local files and internet radio. It has a good quality DAC built in, so if your TV has a digital out (most have optical out, but you should check to be sure) then you would have a better version of what you have now.

I’d suggest that a bargain used SU would be a really nice thing for you, and later if you really want other online streaming services, or prefer to learn how to go direct instead of via your TV, then you can come back to get forum advice on how to set up a Raspberry Pi or Network Attached Storage to accomplish that.

Bottom line is that these older devices still sound great and, as long as you don’t need the very latest streaming capability such as built-in Roon compatibility, they can be an excellent solution for the money.

Good luck with whichever upgrade you choose!

That might be true but the streaming part can be “upgraded” easily for a few hundred quid – good options keep popping up in the fishy place.

With those speakers, I feel the Superuniti is really needed in terms of amplification. The 25.22 are supposedly more difficult to drive than the 25.23 – I have the latter.

So something at the level of Atom for instance, I would want to avoid. I rather have an “untidy” streaming solution to get the Watts needed to drive those PMC properly.

P.S. If you go down the Superuniti route, make sure that the display is bright to avoid a costly repair in the near future.

By this I assume you mean adding an external streamer as an additional source? (I did suggest getting a dedicated source instead of a streaming amp) That’s not an upgrade in my book.

But if that’s the plan, why go for a SuperUniti in the first place, wouldn’t there be better amplifier only choices? Perhaps a Nait XS2 ? In my mind that advice is more suited to people already owning a SuperUniti and are considering replacing it but might get an external streamer instead. In the OP’s case I still stand by my earlier assessment of not going for the SuperUniti. Either get a separate streamer and keep (or upgrade as well) the current amp. Or go for another all-in-one like the Cyrus.

What’s wrong with looking at the Superuniti as a fine amp with DAC? I am not up-to-date with prices but I assume it’s good value for money in today’s market, with more recent gear often achieving good prices in the used market.

Also, streaming modules have a limited lifetime — so keeping them away from DAC and amp can save money in the long run. And those little boxes for the streaming transport can be hidden easily in most cases.

One thing though would bug me with the Superuniti — the display…

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I use a UnitiQute 1, fed via optical from the TV.

Between the TV, and a connected Apple TV, all the music services you could wish for are available.

The DAC in the UQ1 does the conversion, and the streaming ‘deficiencies’ of the first generation Naim streamers are entirely overcome. There is a lot of material out there for configuring the UQ1, and other first gen streamers directly too, if you’re a little technical.

I would certainly consider such an approach, particularly considering the affect on prices of all the negative publicity about the first gen Naim streaming amps :wink:

Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestion. I also think that this option is the best I can get (SU + PMC). Can you tell me what do you mean by updating the streaming of SU (PM if you want).
About Atom, I also read not very good opinions specially for the amplification part. I don’t want fancy screens, nice volume button - because I can’t afford it :slight_smile: I know that.
I want the best I can get from my speakers.
I also know about the screen problem of SU.
Does anyone know how long will work before it have to be replaced again? I saw add’s with changed screen - maybe better option.

The Superuniti has digital inputs – BNC, USB and Optical. So you can get a cheap streaming transport, if you wish to use for instance Quboz. Old Naim streamer don’t support Quboz, just Tidal. Also, you can get Airplay when using newer streaming offerings.

When I had a ND5XS I used an Allo Digione, and still have an Allo USBridge Signature, which I used for a different DAC. I am a big fan of Quboz and Roon, and the family likes Airplay too (for using BBC Sounds or our boy’s audiobooks).

Have some patience, you will find a great, preloved streamer for an unbeatable price in PinkFish. Not too long ago, there was a Project Streamnbox Ultra S2 for £250 including postage (RRP £629). I was tempted myself for an Allo USBridge Signature/Streambox comparison – but then I thought life is too short…

I am biased, but I believe Naim and PMC are a great combo – in any case, no doubt the Superuniti will be a massive step-up from your current set-up. You will have a fab time listening to music.


It’s a great point on a way of repurposing an older Naim integrated solution like the Superuniti, another option could be something like a Supernait 1, which has a decent DAC and is an integrated pre/power, just add any of a number of digital transports and you’re up and running for streaming services, you can even connect the TV directly to it over optical digital.
That’s got me thinking myself now!

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Exactly – that’s what we do too. Great TV sound, for regular telly or Berlin Phil’s Digital Concert Hall.

Having said this, great sound doesn’t make listening to Liz Truss any more bearable, and the other fella isn’t much better… :pleading_face:

A Bluesound Powernode might be worth a look. Will give you more direct streaming options too :thinking:

I agree with Arnsider

With your budget I think you need a new strategy. My 2 cents is it does not include Naim. A television into PMC speakers? Bluesound gives you a good streamer and DAC for 500. Less second hand. There is a plethora of good integrated amps under 1K. (NAD, Cambridge etc)