Any Chance of ClassicCore……

………which might also play a CD as well as rip?


I don’t see this happening to be honest

UnitiServe can play CDs.

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That was something I once wondered and wasn’t sure of.

Nevertheless, I never had enough CDs to justify a Naim ripper. I just used VLC on my Mac a long time ago to rip to FLAC what I have and called it a day for my pathetic CD collection. I can play them from a SSD on my Roon ROCK server.

How good are you with metalwork?

I suppose you could get yourself a Core and get an old US and destroy the warranty, supportability, and resale value of both and fit the guts of one into the other. Almost certainly possible but you’d never be able to tell anyone about it on this forum either as that modification would be verboten.

All I can say is I understand the temptation very much. But obviously, all modifications to Naim products should never be done :wink:


Well, it remains to be seen what the imminent NSS 333 streamer brings to the party, other than a NDX2 redressed in the new classic styling. Maybe it will have onboard storage for hi-res downloads and even a CD ripper/player built in. Otherwise it’s hard to see what the NSS 333 will bring, given that the NSC222 still uses the same module and Steve Sells indicated it’s not changing for the 300 series streamer.


Well we know that the 333 will use one or two NPX, with internals optimised to utilise the new configuration of power feeds. I’d expect the 333 will have a transformer with a future ND555 replacement being the one which requires at least one NPX (no internal PSU).

I’d expect it to use same screen as 222. In fact won’t it look like the 222 without volume control?

We also know it will use same streaming board as NDX2.

Interesting piece will be the DSP/DAC and other internal changes, evolution as per 222 in design philosophy? Maybe boards will be caged like NDS for additional isolation.

Otherwise as you say it would just be an NDX2 in a new case utilising NPX. Which almost still makes sense as people building new classic systems would want their streamer in a matching case.


The @frenchrooster has posted the ultimate answer:

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