Any info about airplay2 update for New Unity’s?


I know the update is “due soon” but it’s been some months since the announcement and I’m getting quite eager. Checking for updates almost twice a day. :eyes:


i think airplay 3 will be ready first, i bought my atom a year ago (feb 18) and the dealer said " and it will get airplay 2 VERY SOON" hrrrrmmm liar, so NAIM bukle up.


Is there an option to set a topic to “auto-reappear every month”? :wink:

I understand the release of the new streamers took precedence last summer - but given the release of Airplay 2 for the Muso (QB) last November, I would not be too sad, if the update came along finally. The products aren’t actually cheap, so you would hope the SW support is covered by the HW prize.
(That’s how I see my Apple investments: high initial hit on budget, but mobile devices with 5-6 years of SW support with the last generations.)

(If I would be a person to speculate, and given how long the last update at all is pending for the Unitis, and how many requests on (seemingly) non-rocket-science updates are in, you could either believe there’s too much content of the next release and thus more and more bugs show up in QA/beta testing. Or there’s a shortage of coders in the company - don’t know the size of the SW department.)


Maybe is working on an option to turn off the screen and implement this at the same time :smiley:


Airplay 2. When do we get the Uniti Atom update? Really don’t want to have to get another Airport Express as I have for the UnitiLite. Was promised last year…? Muso and Qb work great.
Best thing about Airplay 2, apart from multi-rooming compatible portable speakers, is that it provides music access on a locked screen at last!


We apologise for the delay in releasing the AirPlay 2 update and we appreciate that we advised this would be available before the end of last year. We take enormous pride in the quality of Naim products and software and won’t release anything to the market unless we are 100% happy with the sound quality; unfortunately this can sometimes lead to unexpected delays. We are however confident that we will be able to launch this very soon – along with some other upgrades we’ll be communicating soon. Thanks for your patience.


I assume it’s multi-room you’re after from Airplay 2 - I don’t think it offers any better audio quality than current Airplay (limited to CD quality). If you didn’t know, Apple have discontinued Airport products/Time Capsules, so if you think you need an Express and can find one, might be worth snapping it up, though there will be other options for Airplay out there too.


Given that this request is coming from users of new platform streamers, you don’t even need the Airport as they have Airplay built in. The only thing that would be missing, that I can think of, would be multiroom, and then, only from iOS devices, as multiroom has always been available on OSX.


Good point Chris.


These new Unity players deserved a better software so I am personally very happy to see NaimAdmin response here and I am happy to wait a bit longer (but not too long:-) )


Thank you very much for commenting here, highly appreciated!

Makes me very curious :wink:


My guess is they will want to kill as many birds as possible rather drip feeding upgrades over the next few months hence the delay, fine by me once they’ve sorted the crazy screen issue and the sound signature isent messed with negativily


Specifically want Airplay 2 upgrade which is multiroom, includes any Airplay 2 speaker eg. Homepod to multiroom balcony/garden (do think Naim could look at a mini portable speaker).
Airplay 2 also allows easy access of Prime and Apple databases with display/control available on locked sceen.
Naim have it done for Muso/Q (quality is actually really good) and promised it for rest of Uniti range but not sure that includes the UnitieLite (4yrs)??
I await the next firmware release for the Atom.
Thankyou Naim for the response/update.

Ps. Apple Express whilst discontinued was updated to Airplay2 by Apple. Effectively provides multiroom access to anything plugged into it. Fortunately I have a couple on the shelf! Not sure why but no sign of an update for my 3rd Generation Apple TV?


Yes, multiroom into a mixture of Naim and non-Naim streamers gives Airplay 2 added versatility. (Roon can provide that too, at a price.)
UnitiLite won’t get Airplay, just the new range, Atom, Star, Nova & Mk2 separates.


and it is FEBRUAR NAIM…juhuuuuuuu you’ve got custumers.


I have Problems to Start my Star over the iPad Using airplay. Oh sometimes doesn‘t wake up from standby. I use the naim App then to Start it.

I use my naim uniti Star for a year now. Tried a lot my Dealer told me about a airplay 2 Update - i would Love to See airplay 2 Support and get Rid of that annoying bugs this wonderful pice makes me worried.

Naim you are always use the Word Soon nearly a year is mit soon ! Could you Provide use with infos for example which bugs are you looking at

Greets ron


Dear @NaimAdmin, is it possible to get some more detailed information about the release timeframe of the AirPlay 2 Update? What does “soon” mean? Will it be 02-/03-/04-/05-2019…? I think a lot of people in this forum would appreciate further information, me included. Thank you very much therefor!