Any work arounds for Radio Paradise on Tunein?

It’s not that hard and I’m not a tech person.

Save that exact text in a .txt file on your computer. Then drop that same file in your media share folder on your NAS except instead substituting the .txt extension with a .m3u extension. And that’s it. You should then see a playlist in your Naim app under the minimserver upnp input.
I created a folder for playlists under multimedia but you don’t have to do that. Also, if you want to see graphics for your stations just save an image file for each station in the same place.

Here’s what it looks like in the Naim App.

I have a problem in as much as although I have MinimServer installed on my Synology NAS drive, I can’t install MinimWatch on my new iMac.
I have tried creating a file using the Radio Paradise Rock mix URL as shown above, renamed the text file as .m3u and pasted it into the only “Playlists” folder I can find on the NAS drive but I can’t find it anywhere when I actually tell the Linn DS to connect to the MinimServer connected NAS. All other music on that NAS shows up. The only items in the playlist are old ones which appeared some years ago for reasons unknown to me.

Works for me in the UK in iTunes using the following urls:-

That’s odd. I have MinimWatch installed and running on my fairly new iMac. You do need to first install the Java Runtime Environment, then install MinimWatch. Full instructions on how to do both are given on the MinimServer support pages. I’m not sure whether posting a link is permitted here, but if you put “Installing MinimServer on a Mac” in a search engine, it should take you straight to the appropriate page. Should the installation process not work, explain the problem on the MinimServer forum – it’s a friendly place.


I did indeed download the Java thing, then installed or tried to, MinimWatch. My Mac reports that it can’t be installed as it is unable to scan it for Virus. If I go into System Preferences, Security setting, I can then click on “Open Anyway” but nothing happens.
I know the page you’re referring to for installing but, no joy on my machine :frowning:

Thank you!!! I have somehow (I’m really not quite sure how) managed to create the m3u file and dropped it into one of the share folders on my NAS drive and it does indeed now appear!!
I just need to test it out now :slight_smile:


I’m glad you got it working, I’m not familiar with synology so I can’t recommend how it works there but on my QNAP I just have to have the .m3u file in the share folder. You can access the playlist from the Naim app through the upnp/minimserver input or from the favorites/playlists menu option or the shortcut for playlists from the home screen.

Sadly, I have only got it in the shared folder, not working yet!! I need to dig a little deeper…

Are you sure? As far as I’m aware you cannot see playlists from external devices via the app home screen, only from within the UPnP input.

I can’t see any playlists or any option for them on the Naim app.

I finally got it running on my MinimServer installed Synology NAS.
When I did a “quick look” of the m3u file, it had originally been saved as RTF which added a load of gobbledygook characters.
I worked out how to change it to plain text, then gave it the m3u extension name and copied it into a shared folder on the NAS and it now plays as a “Playlist” item on the Linn DS.
I just need to fathom out how to do it on my NDX2 now…

It looks to me as if you’re putting this file into the HDX automated backup folder. I would put it somewhere else, and only allow the HDX to make changes here, or I can see that you might upset it!

I actually added it to the “Downloads” folder, so as not to upset the HDX. The Linn DS sees it and plays it now but, my NDX2 sees it but doesn’t play it.

OK, it’s just that your screenshot above shows it in the HDX playlist backup folder.

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So it does! Now removed as I’d already added it to the “Downloads” folder but I still can’t make it work on my Naim setup, using MinimServer on my NAS…

Strange, but given that you can add it directly to your Naim streamer using vTuner, I guess that shouldn’t matter too much.

If I can, I’d like to have access via MinimServer as I was wondering how much improvement the FLAC stream might make over the standard 320mbps stream through vTuner, as you mentioned earlier.

What I mean is that you can use vTuner to add the FLAC stream to your Naim streamer, then it will appear in the iRadio input.
When RP first released a FLAC stream, I thought the improved sound quality over the 320 stream was marginal at best. I tried it via Minimserver, LMS and via Airplay and USB from an iOS device. Eventually I just stopped bothering and used the 320 streams. However, now that they have native support using vTuner, I find that they sound much better. Whether this is down to the Naim implementation, or whether there have been improvements at the RP end, I’m not sure.
Either way, it’s easy to set up, and I would recommend using it.

Yeah if you have a newer streamer you can just add the station and use it natively. The process I describe above is for those of us on legacy streamers.

If I search on my NDX2 “Internet Radio” stations, the only Radio Paradise I can see is not FLAC. How do I find the FLAC stream?