Anybody else NOT upgrading? Share your stories of contentment

I have the great pleasure of owning 3 naim amps. A CB Nait 2, a 250/32.5/hicap and the much maligned but to my ears always excellent 112/150.

All are in use almost daily with a wide variety of interesting sources . I am very happy and have no desire to upgrade any of them. Share your stories of hifi contentment!


This could be the thread of the year!


Or the shortest.


Having got to 52/sc, 135’s, and CDS2/XPS, I’m happy to stick right there. So no upgrading, however, I do plan to expand my sources by adding a record player and maybe a cassette deck.

I also have this lot to play with when the urge strikes.


I found a nice looking, recently serviced 552 on Audiogon a year or two back. Toward the end of the one-month listing period, I offered $1000 under the asking price and heard nothing. A month or so later, the seller contacted me and said he had been “away on business” and wanted to revisit my offer. In the meantime, I had used the money to have my kitchen cabinets refaced.

Reader, those cabinets look great! My wife and I use them multiple times a day, and we are glad we spent the money that way. The system sounds as good as it ever did, and the guy sold his 552 for what I had offered.

Not long afterward, a CD555 came up for a reasonable price, but I realized that the fire was down to embers, and I was happy with what I have.


No plans to upgrade for the rest of the year.


Not upgrading at present. My last upgrade was was rebuilding my active crossover with new analogue circuitry and clock, two years ago. No upgrades planned or likely until I retire next year when I may take tge opportunity to consider a few options - but that will be my last upgrade ever, anything thereafter will only be if necessary through forced circumstances like something failing,

In tge past I’ve had periods of up to 10 years with no upgrade. If you’re happy and content with something no upgrade is needed!

Haha, I’ve not long upgraded with a Nova but that will serve me now for about 10 years. I’ve had my Logans for about 7-8 years now and can’t see me upgrading unless they pack up.

I plan to buy a turntable in 2021 but after that I’ll be done. I’m easily pleased :joy:


It’s going to be easy to avoid the bug once you have a great system like yours.

But would you tweak the Linn when the next upgrade is released?

Long ago I bought the Nait 2 and I loved it right away.
Later I had the opportunity to buy the nait XS2 + Flatcap XS at a great price but in order to buy them I had to sell the nait2 convinced of one to make a great upgrade.
A month later I sold the xs2 and the flatcap xs and bought the nait2 again.


I am done now

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My core system has not changed since 2004 and still no plans to upgrade. It is simply fantastic. I have added a Linn and will add a Karousel at some point. No rush though.

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Not upgrading until the 572 or SuperNova appears…

I was much like you for seven happy years. Covid hit and then I discovered this forum.

All downhill since :slight_smile:


Not I

No interest in upgrading my olive 72/hicap/250…which i love…but i give it a recap service every 10 years or so. I have upgraded the front ends recently…Chord Mojo and Naim Core for digital, Kore/Karousal/Lingo4/Krystal for the LP12. Waiting for the latter to arrive. Speakers are Quad 2805 and i will never get rid of them. Would one day just for fun get a pair of Proacs and or Kudos to change around now and again.


Same thing for me but I am through with this now, it was a busy year from P3 & Rotel to the absolute top end of Classic, I will be content for a long time without doubt (and pay for it too)


Still going through the options but have pretty much decided. Just waiting on a combination of Brexit and customs charges for service/rebuild, and then Covid and speaker and TT demos.

I am following it all with interest :slight_smile:

Why waiting? I did it all incl. service for the used purchase before the end of the year - who knows what the future charges will be, not better than now!

I can’t honestly say I fall into this camp any more, but I did run the same LP12/Ittok/Valhalla for over 20 years, mostly with a humble 92/90 into Royd Apex, and I was perfectly happy with it. Everyone thought I was weird because I didn’t ditch it for a CD player, but all the ones I listened to sounded awful.
Anyone who says the LP12 is a money pit should take a long hard look in the mirror. Get it right, and it needs nothing more than a service and a stylus change every few years.