Anybody else NOT upgrading? Share your stories of contentment

Do you mind, Sir!? Have a care!


I will never upgrade again, I swear to God I mean it, there will be no way that is going to happen, I really, really, really mean it, just no way it is ever, I mean no way is it ever going to happen…

I am pretty sure I am positive that I will never, ever upgrade again!


Turnaround time is now into January so return customs duty is the moot point. 3k of rebuild and service charges plus postage plus duty plus vat. The service centre isn’t accepting new work from me until after clarification of post Jan 1st requirements.
No worries, I have the kit running but it will be better when the service work is completed. I intend to get everything to as new condition. I have also decided to demo the TT’s I’m interested in as I need to get over to the UK to demo speakers anyway. I may just be returning with a lot of kit in the back of the car, obviously used and from my UK home.

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Being reasonably young, I would say I am only midway through my hi-fi journey, and while I don’t have any immediate plans to upgrade, I imagine it will happen at some point in the next few years.
My father on the other hand is very content with his clamshell era Rega system, I can’t imagine him changing anything unless forced.

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Good luck! I freaked out all year to get it all done, the new boxes have all arrived in November, the used XPS2 just came back (the CDS3 never sent based on the various advice). It was a slog, but content now and reading your status makes me even more content - SORRY! :pleading_face:

Honestly, the human nature is never satisfied.
Never ever, we are pleased with only one green light. I aim for a tower Naim. :clown_face:

( just to rhyme)

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Lol. I haven’t updated the profile. It’s missing the olive fc and 92 as well as the 300/ps. It’s all coming together, almost like a plan. :slight_smile:

Apologies for the thread drift.

Back on subject.

I love my Nait2 and Kans. Never going to change them.


Got to stay away from forums like this if one wants to be content. :sweat_smile: I am very happy with my naimie - nova though! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am constantly trying out new albums and songs as my nicotine lollies / distraction / substitute. Still it’s not totally effective.


which Logans?

No plans, really - not enough money to contemplate it. But if I did, I would be looking at some combination of 552 and another 500 plus active crossover for my Ovator 600s. Possibly an NDX or ND555. But really, what I have probably exceeds my ageing ears, now.

Ah, the forum is returning to normal. Phew!

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I meant an NDS - already have NDX

Alas yes. I was enjoying the deviancy, but all good things…


Bottom of the range (Electromotions) but very happy with them.

I was surprised that they actually partnered with Naim but the Uniti range has been a lot less ‘in your face’ than the Nait 3/CD5 from many moons ago. Definitely a more rounded presentation than my previous ProAc’s.

I think I’m currently in the sweet spot so will sit here for a while.

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CDS3/555PS/282/250DR/HiCap/Mk2 SBLs. All with standard cables and NACA5. I might be biased, but I would say my system is the perfect sweet spot between an amazing hifi experience and serious money. Many, many upgrades still available to me, but none are realistic without a windfall of some kind. For the first time in my journey this system has never made me think ‘ I wish I had a better source, or pre, or more power’, I now just enjoy the music!!!


Funnily enough, when I refurb the music room in January I’ll be finding a spot for one of my old tape decks…!!!


When any of the manufactures of my kit introduce a new product I always prick up my ears. It stimulates my interest. What am I missing? A dream for my dealer perhaps.
Saying all the above and bearing in mind this years economic climate: at the moment. NOTHING!
Last update. Linn Karousel. B & W usually do a 5 years revamp on their 800 series, or they have in the past.
Crystal ball gazing on new UK products. Spring 2021 or more likely early Autumn at Ascot?

I’m not looking to change the system, more like change where it is. The main limitation at the moment is neighbours up down and sideways but moving to something more detached is contingent on selling a UK home and that home and the pound being worth anything when it happens. Also my income and reserves are in Sterling but my expenses in euros. Currency volatility not withstanding my only HIFI ambition is to repair the NBLs. After that is sorted and if I still find the NBLs working well in their new home and I get an urge to splash out further I can replace some remaining Lite Fraim shelves, none of which have a Naim box on.

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I’m not looking to upgrade anything…

this weekend :grinning: