Anyone checked out the website recently

Seems to running smoother,
Not much on the history tho,
Thought there be more pictures especially the bolt down era,
A time line video of pictures of all the pieces ever been made be a nice touch
Oh and somethings are not central on the page, as you scroll down,
it’s alot better than what it was,
Peeps have been busy

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Looks like they have all the dealers listed now,
Not sure if anyone is missing from the list, but my local ones are there,

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Well, @Cymbiosis are now listed, who are my 'local ’ dealer. So I’m covered…!!!

@GrumpyOLDvinylJUNKY - Where would I find ‘more pictures - inc BD era’…?

While much improved, it still has that awful moving/flashing montage at the top of the home page, with its weird and off-putting prancing person making indecipherable hand signals. I guess some self-styled website expert has decreed it to be a good thing, or perhaps a pet like by someone at the top, even though it contravenes guidelines on accessibility likely being a barrier to some potential customers, while saying nothing at all about the product. Such a pointless missed opportunity: they could have linked images of music laying to images of Naim’s products, presenting the message “we’re about music”.

As previously observed, interesting that the sister Focal site, though having some common idiosyncratic image styles, does not have a similar moving/flashing montage.


It’s much better but still like it was put together by people who aren’t Naims customers


Some improvement - quite a way to go.
Absolutely nothing comes up for legacy units using search, like NDS, Superuniti or NDX.
The current NDX2 is revealed by search, which also doesn’t accept NSC222, only NSC 222!
So it seems that it is not yet possible to find instruction or quick start guides or specifications for non current production items.
The product history looks exactly like each page has been created on a spreadsheet!
Best not to look further…

edit - just put “dealers” into search - no result; dealers are now listed as retailers - strange; looking elsewhere, it seems some audio manufacturers use term “retailers”, others “dealers” !


There’s a search bar? That’s one of my gripes, can’t see it.

I found it by clicking on the very top right icon - looks like a magnifying glass!

Ah, just noticed those icons only appear on an ipad when held in landscape format.

There’s another issue right there then…


I was more committing on lack of history, started in 73, then a ten year jump straight to 83 with a nait
Loads of R&D went on in that ten year gap,
I would like to know more,

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I would certainly like to see more made of Naim’s history.
That - is what makes Naim special and what it is.

Regarding History, once you click on a particular Product - say Power Amps - you get a rather scruffy looking pdf which looks like an export from the previous site. But the info looked and was better presented on the old site. This new version looks like minimum effort, IMO. And quite a few are embarrassingly out of date. Nothing on any of the NC range - !!!

@Richard.Dane - Can we assume someone at Naim will be watching this new thread, on the website…? Still lots of potential for improvements, I think… :thinking:

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Last I heard someone from Naim was taking notes and liaising with the group marketing team who are responsible for the website. As to whether they are looking at this thread, I don’t know, but I shall email and make them aware.

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If this thread is being looked at as RD suggested, then getting the serial numbers up to date, or rather closing of 2022 and 2023 is, one would have expected, a very simple fix.

I agree, but least it’s all in English now,
Only language I speak,
Changes are happening,
It’s getting better,
We need to keep watching,

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Ian I rather fear that, imho Naim’s history means tidily squat to whoever is behind the ‘group’ website. No correlation with the fact that without the strong following and support Naim enjoys, they wouldn’t be working on Naim’s website.
The importance of JV and many, many others, some still with the coy, others moved on, have brought us to where we and they are today.

It also took a lot of noise, to even have dealers properly listed and populated; regrettably it all seems rather causal and slap dash. Customers - us, are as much wishing to protect the brand as the ‘group’ should.


Hopefully be on the TO DO LIST,

It was a very early post from me; simply because by pure chance I wanted to look at serial numbers, minutes after RD first posted the original thread, but who knows whether a to do list from that thread was prepared?

That - should never have been as it was originally published. Huge miss by Naim - doesnt matter if it was them or their website developers. Its Naim site… ffs.


You made noise,
That bit sorted,

They have corrected the “Cables and Interconnects" section under “Accessories”.

Now showing the actual product in the header picture, not a Focal headphone plug.

Good to see the improvements happening, but overall, a poor show by the Web Developers.