Anyone checked out the website recently

The website says Naim Audio. It is Naim’s site - and their responsibility.

Blaming the website developers - and somehow not Naim…???

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Agreed, assuming the person/s responsible are Naim website developers, irrespective of whether they are directly employed or contracted.


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I did not start this thread to start blaming people on who did what,
Or who decided that,
Or naim this naim that,
All been said before many times,
Was just curious if anyone else had checked it out,

Grumpy if you start a thread, three options.

  • First state the rules - some will respect
  • Second respectively allow anyone to post as they see fit
  • Third close the thread

I have posted the most on this thread, by chance, but I am extremely disappointed that what should have been an evolution of the website has been…how shall I put it, an exercise in how not to do a very simple update or redesign, with a raft of inaccuracies, errors and omissions.
For a long time I have been a real fan of Naim, but I feel, as I posted on the previously thread, that not only customers (us), dealers and most important of all, past and present Naim - Salisbury staff, have been…perhaps disregarded, even ridden over without care.
I’ve responded to the thread title with honesty. I post as I find without rancour or intent, ymmv!

Changes have been made, but some of the basic errors remain.

edit - I have no desire to offend, you as the op or anyone else. As the original thread made very clear, there was a very obvious opportunity to circulate a separate URL, which iirc @n-lot highlighted, to allow a first view, which would have allowed the obvious negative points, to have been kept away from a public forum. The dealer list still doesn’t populate totally accurately by distance, which remains in kms, whilst afaik, the uk measures distance in miles! IIUC these are basic errors, not serious technical ones.


I must have had this bookmarked somewhere, but was this the site for the interactive manuals?

Worked initially a few mins ago but now throws a complete wobbly if I try and visit again. Essentially either redirected to the Nova PE or if I ‘go back’ it continually refreshes but there is a little faint text message:

A bit of searching and looks as though tmtx provide customer service solutions for many companies, so presumably the Naim specific URL is no longer fully active.

I can’t be the only one who has bookmarked or has such sites in their historical browser data (mine goes back months). Various ‘tmtx’ URLs also appear in many posts on this site so anyone searching and finding an older post referencing these is going to think support is a ‘bit iffy’ if the websites referred to give errors or are flakey.

Presumably Naim or marketing have severed ties with ‘tmtx’ which would suggest the old online manuals may not have been produced in house but outsourced somehow.

Just seems to show what a nightmare corporate website design and upkeep can be unless it’s all controlled in house and defunct links made to gracefully redirect or give appropriate errors of being legacy links.

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As for the current site I still think the scale is all off with the dancing chap opposite three large but swanky high-end dark grey fridge freezers - in fairness I don’t have any particularly high-end modern Naim kit so maybe they are true to size in which case they wouldn’t fit in my listening room :wink:

…and of course:

  • Fourth - thread drift is de rigueur though frowned upon in the official posting rules.
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Unfortunately, and as someone who always wanted a paper or PDF manual for the Atom/Nova/Star etc the interactive ‘manual’ is no longer usable and all we have is:

I really find it baffling that it can be deemed acceptable not to have an online product guide/manual in this day and age even if I accept not printing and supplying one may be a bit greener.

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AC try a search for “product documentation” - the result…well enough has already been said!
Incidentally intrigued how you got the image as posted?

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Blue Peter Badge


It was screengrabed from Product Documentation here:

The interactive manuals were never to my taste - as an extra if there was a PDF fine, but I prefer a manual I can easily ‘skim’ instead of futile searches which don’t really work (or at least make you think you may not be using the correct search phrases and that information is hidden).

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I have never used screen grab, just searched in the usual place - every day a learning day, thanks AC

Pretty simple to do on Mac/Windows or ‘mobile devices’, can be really handy.

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Something like this? They seemed to have got it right back in 1996…


Had a look at the website today to see how it is doing, and was pleased to find that it no longer* automatically goes into video mode with flashing images. However the still image of a triple exposure of a man in three different poses, two apparently framing his view with his hands, is weird and incongruous. What is it supposed to mean? Presumably someone senior at Naim thinks it is good/meaningful, but it certaily eludes me. As the words “Our story” appear to be associated with the image I clicked on it, but couldn’t find anything there. If it is so meaningful, wouldn’t it be a good idea to give an explanation? Otherwise others will also be left thinking it peculiar. And as I have previously suggested, unless somehow and unfathomably to me it invokes the impression in the majority of people that Naim are about reproducing music, surely there are countless other images that could be used that convey a lot more - after all, it is the first thing a visitor to the site sees.

This on iPhone. IPad puts the triple image beside Statement.

*Edit next day: it didn’t when I opened yesterday on either device, but following other people’s comments I have checked again and it is now still straight into the moving/flashing, on both iPhone and iPad. It is probable that my experience yesterday was the devices each going to an already open page on which I had stopped the motion to view better.

I always find it bizarre that on both old and new site, the splash pages for new products are all available in Japanese… But they haven’t done business here since 2008. Seems a bit of a slap in the face. The product info that is pushed in the Naim Focal app is the same. Waves all the details of the Nova PE in front of my eyes in Japanese. Seems rather pointless and misleading.


Same with Statement – all that’s accessible now under ‘Manual’ isn’t the manual at all, it’s a marketing precis.

@Richard.Dane – Richard, can you alert someone to get the full Statement manual back up?..and others it seems!

It was here, but now gets code 404:



Will do. I see it’s available under product documentation but it turns out it’s not the manual but the brochure.


I have the feeling it was designed by people who’s major brief was to harmonise it the Focal site.

A lot still to do, like putting photos of things like the Star’s back, so connectivity can be seen at a glance