Anyone checked out the website recently

Basic mistakes and omissions still haven’t been addressed.

On the NPX300 page there is a video of the 300 series, but it is labelled as the C1 series

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Sorry to ask but which website is subject of this thread…?

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The naim one

It’s all still under-par quality to my eyes e.g. there are still too many inconsistencies and I hate the hover-over drop-down menus under some of the headers e.g. Superline (with green light) page has a picture of Solstice set-up as its banner header, a product no longer made.

Plus, the balance of content continues to look awry to me, with so much about Naim’s history and the facets of the brand (words and pictures don’t align in several instances), when this real estate could be better used to inform more about the products.

I went l👀king for some info on the Focal website about wireless headphones, the info not there.

It seems Naim followed Focal, and Focal’s website has issues.

But I can look at other manufacturers whose site isn’t that great , Technics in particular

It’s the same website template. Technically they (re)use the exact same elements.

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Suspect it comes down to the brief set by whoever

Best wishes

Yeah, being owned by the same parent company it’s most probably driven by wanting to align to one style and it will also be cheaper than to rebuild something completely from scratch.

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There has previously been speculation on the how - my own guess made in the original thread I repeated earlier in this (post 115).

Just checked out the Focal/Naim Australian website as mentioned in “The Grand Cafe” thread in this section.

What a lovely looking design. At first glance going into the Naim part, it has everything I would want when going into a website - clear layout and nice and simple.

For what it is worth and the sake of fairness, the Naim Australian website also has a fair amount of accessibility issues. Especially for screen reader users.

Although it scores a lot better in accessibility than the main website.

Yes, clearly far more care & resources spent on the Naim half than on tge revamp of the UK sNaim site. However, conspicuous by its absence is any mention of the unofficial support network, aka this forum.