Anyone checked out the website recently

Working for a web/tech company myself I understand this. But being the same codebase or even the same running instance, and simply (re)using some of the same code/libs/themes, are two different things.

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It is hard to remember who works there so sorry for explaining the obvious then :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Does not have to be, much of the source code will be the same instance. If you clone it and start changing it you lose the power of shared code, which you then will already know.

I am not saying the two websites are same running instance, no, but the underlying source code will be from the same single source. So if you change things in there, and have used any kinda of proper release platform, the changes will instantly become apparent in all websites built on that code.

Or perhaps we are talking about the same thing and just talking past each other :grinning:

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Another week has passed - 7 weeks since the launch, so I guess that is it, if they haven’t got around to, or been given permission to, resolve all the issues likely little chance of it happening. Today I tried clicking on the “discover our story” to get rid pf the awful flashing and prancing incomprehensible mime artist, to find a somewhat disjointed/jumbled set of pictures and text (Discourse app on iPad). But maybe that is all we should expect.


It’s still rather average and not very logical. I’d be mortified if it was my upmarket hi fi site.


I just hope that the further development and support of the app doesn’t follow the same path of the website.

I am quite sure that the two are in no way connected with each other

I spoke to Naim support yesterday about registering a new product after not being able to log in any more. They are still expecting the website to be developed further so that we can register products directly, but in the meantime we have to email in details. So, apparently, more development is expected. It’s noticeable too that the interactive support for individual products is still missing.


This is far from impressive from Naim.

I must assume that the Bean Counters have not yet sanctioned any significant action…?

One ‘solution’ would be to give up on this version of the website completely - and start again.