Anyone use Nac 122, 152, 202?

Great to see so many using these amps, I am looking for one at the moment to try in my system.

Especially the early Nait XS are dirt cheap now and they really can.

Which of the three will you go for? What will you match it with? Thanks.

I’ve had a 202/200 for 12 years. First with a HC2 and now with the DR. The 200 had a full service when it blew and the 202 had one earlier this year via Class A and sounds superb with TV and DVD.

I’ve always seen them as and end point for me. I’d rather direct my money to speakers and source. In the intervening years I’ve heard things clearly superior (300 DR) but at a cost of money and space. I won’t go to 282 as it’s hard to find anyone for whom that’s an end system. Whilst the 282 is a huge improvement in many areas I always found it had a slightly hollowed out glassy digital edge to it and couldn’t have lived with it unless accompanied by a 300. Like many I’ve mixed feelings on the various iterations of 250. I’ve no issue with obvious colouration of sound but find the 250s too dark for me. The leap in cost for all these options isn’t really justified for a CDX2/XPS2. I always remind myself that my system was a Naim recommended system and I’ve met many a dealer who waxes lyrical about it being one of the very best balanced systems Naim produced.

I guess if a perfect sound stage or timbral accuracy are your thing for triggering musical satisfaction then this combination may not be your thing but I can’t say I obsess about such things.

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I started with a 102/180 before trading the 180 on a 200 and eventually moving to a NAC272/NAP250DR. I’ve always had a old CB Hi Cap on the 102 plus the NAPSC.

Have 200/202/Napsc/Hicap in the living room (with CD5XS/Flatcap as source) and 200DR/202/Napsc in the home office (with LP12 Akurate as source). As many others I wouldn’t mind going up the amp hierachy but it comes at a considerable cost, which needs to be considered in the context of other priorities and interests. Overall I’m very happy with the sound. The Napsc is indispensable in my view but may also add a Hicap DR to the home office system at some point. Realistically, I won’t move on from there.

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Hi @Christopher_M, I have been looking at the 122x, 152x and 202 as they all seem to share a very similar ‘internal architecture’ I quite fancy the 122x, mainly on price but I could be tempted by a 202 because visually it would be a better match for my amp, a 300DR.

I wouldn’t call myself conventional when it comes to Stereo, as I like to tinker.

I am really interested to hear what people think of their more modest Naim pre amp purchases and especially what they considered they gained (or lost) when they moved on.

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having gone through my journey of 20 years, I started with 202/200,I have moved through the Pre from 202 to 282 and then from 282 to my now 252 one of my old posts lists my system’s over the years

I can safely say each set up added more detail, focus, music

there is no alchemy, or magic formual to a NAIM system, couple of golden rule

demo is always a must and home demo if you can, it’s down to you and your ears (and budget) where you want to go, for me in 20 or so years - source first and a balance in the system has always worked for me, but we are all individuals and our choices reflect that

just Enjoy the journey and more so enjoy the MUSIC


The FC2x doesn’t really add much over using the supply from the base NAP200 in my experience - and I imagine the NAP200 DR is an improvement over the FC. I’d be tempted to trade the FC for a HC DR which would be a definite step up.

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I use DAC V-1/CD5i/112x/150x/FC2 for many years. And I’m quite happy with the sound through my KEFs XQ20. Have no urge to upgrade but if I go for a change it will be for SN2/3 in order to reduce the box count.

Ran a 200/202/HiCap/NAPSC/Naim Stageline for many years , very happy .

Given the Naits, Supernaits etc I regard the 202 as mid-range.

Surely you mean ND5XS2 to replace Dac-V1 and CD5i, Ivo?

Not at all, Chris. I like very much the performance and SQ of the DAC V-1 using MacMini and Audirvana+. And the V-1 is a present from my wife.
The SN2/3, if I take this route, will substitute 112x/150x/FC2.

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I was very happy for a long time with 252/155xs with FCxs. A great combo IMHO. Paired with Cd5xs and Ndac it was an achievable stepwise upgrade path overtime from CD5i and Nait 5i.
Great ‘entry level’ gear. I agree with HH that the 202/200 wasn’t a big leap when I home demoed them.

Fair enough.

Best, C.

It is interesting to hear a couple of comments about the 202 not being a big step up. Visually, for me, this was the easier to match with my other stuff, but I am all for saving money if there is little to be gained.

I can see that I am going to have to get serious with my search for a nice used 122x or 152xs to play with. I think I missed a new old stock Nac 152 just the other day.

252/155xs, clearly I meant 152xs

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Have a look round the main Naim dealers for a used 152XS.

Indeed, I will.
How is the balance controlled on the Nac 122x and the 152x? I see that the Nac 202 has a balance knob but that the others do not?
Is this a weakness of the lower priced pre amp models?

You’ll be wanting a mono button next!

No balance control at this money :-)))

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