Anyone using Lyra carts with Rega decks?

After using Dynavector DV-20X2 L on my Rega P9 for quite some time I decided it was time for a change and upgrade and, after much research, I bought a Lyra Kleos SL which now has about 50 hours playing time on it.

I’m currently using the 2mm spacer I used for my DV cart (cart height is not much different between the two - 18mm for the DV and around 17.5mm for the Lyra), but I think the DV cart was a lot more forgiving in terms of VTA/SRA than the Lyra, which has a line contact profile vs the Dynavector’s Micro Ridge profile.

The cart has definitely settled and improved over the last 50 hours or so but I don’t believe it’s as good as I can get it. I’ve had recommendations between no spacers needed and needing 3.5mm so there is clearly no consensus. The Lyra cart + Rega arm seems to be a minority choice but am keen to hear from anyone else who may be running this combination as to what spacers they may be using.

You found the right person to comment. I had the Rp10 with Lyra Delos and P10 now with Lyra Kleos standard. I am delighted.
Despite the non spacer recommendations here, I followed the advices from my dealer and Michael Fremer. So I use a 3mn spacer on the arm for the Lyra Kleos, on the RB3000 arm.
You could try a 3 mn on yours. I use one from Acoustic Signature, you don’t need to remove the arm to put it.
Lyra and Rega Rp10, P10 and P9 work in marvel. Great match.


Thanks for your input. I already have a set of Acoustic Signature spacers (although am currently using the Rega 2mm spacer) and, based on what I was seeing and hearing, thought that 1.5mm might be the way to go. Which is the opposite of your suggestion. I also wasn’t aware of Michael Fremer having commented on this combination.

Looking at the arm I feel it is slightly too high towards the rear, which supports my thought that the cart seems a little too bright for me.

I agree with you though, it is a delightful cart so am keen to hear more about how you arrived at 3mm.

It might be worth contacting Lyra directly to see what they recommend with Rega decks? This is what I did when having issues with my Ortofon 2M Black. They recommended upping from my 2mm spacer to at least a 3.5 or 4mm spacer on a Rega turntable, and this solved all the problems I was having - mainly emphasised surface and groove noise. It sounds fantastic now, and this extra spacer made a real difference.

I know there are so many differing opinions on this, and not helped by Rega who say VTA is not important, so all I can assume it must be very cart profile dependent and so best to just experiment with a few spacers.

The only issue I found that when using a 4mm spacer, it did make the tonearm just a little too high at the rear, and on less than a perfectly flat record I had to either remove the lid or play with lid open, as the top of the tonearm at the cartridge end can clip the the inside of the lid. Never bothered me as I always remove the lid anyway.


You have the P9 , I have the P10. It may change.
From memory it was 3 mn. But maybe it was less. No less than 2 mn in my case , for sure.
You can mail to Michael Fremer, via the Triangle Angle site. At that time I contacted him at Analog Planet.

I just checked from my past posts. It’s a Tad arm spacer, 3 mn. My dealer found that 3 mn was the best. Can’t say more.

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Thanks for your replies.

I found a thread on Audiogon where Jonathan Carr, Lyra’s designer, recommended a 3.4mm spacer for Lyra carts on Rega arms. However, this is based on the assumption that Rega arms are designed for 14mm high cartridges (ie. the Rega MM carts) but I don’t believe this is correct and think the arms are closer to 16mm (the height of their MC carts). Of course Rega don’t publish this information so this is an assumption on my part.

Like most manufacturers, Lyra recommend the cart/armtube should be parallel to the LP surface. Using a 2mm spacer the arm is already slightly “tail up”, which suggests it is a little too high. I guess I’ll just have to experiment and find what works best for me. Cheers!

That must still sound great though!

I used my Rega P9 with a Delos until that died a death. A very very sad day :angry:

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Sorry to hear about the death of your Delos. I know that some prefer it over the Kleos.
What mm spacers were you using on your P9?

None :grimacing::laughing:

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I have a Kleos SL on a Moerch DP-6 12" Transcriptor arm. Lyra knew the optimal set up for my arm and recommended an upgraded Moerch arm for an upgrade cartridge, I contacted Moerch and they agreed. I ultimately did not do the upgrade arm wand and my Kleos SL sounds outstanding today. with the Kleos SL

Lyra will know and will tell you how to set your table up I bet. They are Lyra and they are usually right.

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I have had four Dynavector cartridges in the last 20 to 30-odd years.

The first was the garish, gold-coloured 17DR.

Then I had two of the lovely XX2 MkII, one after the other.

I’m currently using a Te Kaitora Rua. I bought this without listening to it first, as I was confident by then that it would be good. It is a very high end cartridge, which (like its stablemates) might have been made for the ARO headshell (whose fixed geometry can be ‘difficult’ to match).

It is very special indeed. Dynavector do make pricier cartridges, but I feel no inclination to try them.

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Appreciate the edit. I know the rules. I added the link because even for us lunk head Americans who own one, the spelling of Moerch is not obvious.

My previous cartridge was a DV20x2L and my initial plan was to either get an XX2 or a Te Kaitora Rua. This would have been the safer move. However after many years of using a DV cart I felt it was time for a change and Lyra carts are very good value for money in NZ (the Kleos SL was considerably cheaper than the TKR, whereas it is usually more expensive in other countries).

In some ways it is my experience with DV carts on Rega arms, with 18mm carts needing only a 2mm spacer, that leads me to believe the Kleos SL at 17.43mm high only needs a spacer of approx 1.5mm.

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That’s weird. I thought that the TKR was a joint development between the Dynavector Japanese parent company and its New Zealand importer/distributor. If that is so, you would surely expect to get the TKR at a favourable price compared to anywhere else!

Can’t speak to the Dynas but my Lyra cartridges were extremely sensitive to alignment in all planes VTA, Azimuth and Zenith. If you’re off on any of these , the Lyra just isn’t going to sound its best. If your arm is “tail-up” that’s definitely a problem.


Here is a pic of my set up. I’ve tried to get it in the same plane as the arm as well as in line with the record (180gm in this instance) to give an idea of arm alignment relative to the record surface.

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Also keen to know how often you use the SPT fluid and how easy you find it to apply? The application brush is so thin and the stylus itself is almost invisible that I find it isn’t an easy operation.