Anyone using Magico A1 with a Supernait?

I am looking at the Magico A1. Not too serious about buying it for now, but am still curious. I have a Supernait 2, and was wondering if it was enough to properly drive the A1.
The reported sensitivity is 84, but Stereophile measured it at about 82.

Is anyone using the Magico A1 with a Supernait? How do they get along?

Like mullet and chips I’d imagine.

Do you still have the xps and hicap? It you’ve maxed out the capabilities of the Nait I’d give it a try.

There is a bit on this forum when you search. The conclusion I took is that a good poweramp makes the loudspeakers sing and that a Nait is only so-so.

I went to my dealer today. I auditioned a Sonus Faber stand mount against my Harbeth C7s.
I took the SFs home and traded in my beloved Harbeths.

In comparison, the Harbeths sounded good, but the little SF was better. It was also smaller and much better looking.

Details and pictures to follow…


I doubt many if any have tried the pairing and I dont know Magicos at all, but would suggest usual advice applies - extensive demo required and are the speakers right for your room?

Good luck,


The SFs have as magical a midrange as the Harbeths. The top end of the SFs is noticeably more airy and detailed than the Harbeths. Its bass is just as low, but tighter and more textured. The imaging and soundstaging of the SFs is much better.

The music never really leaves the plane of the Harbeths. Whereas the soundstage of the SFs is higher, lower and wider than the speakers.

The SFs give me more in a smaller and more attractive package.


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