Apologies, but a quick Fraim glass query

Hoping to build my Fraim next week & will use the great advice on the Forum and Richard’s excellent guide. One question: how does one go about the glass-tapping? If I hold it, does that not deaden the ‘ring’ or whatever? Ah…Just twigged - I do the tapping with glass on the bearings? And (sorry), I assume the ‘ding’ rather than the ‘donk’ is pretty obvious?
Sorry for the tedious thread, but my Fraim is still boxed and I haven’t had time to play with it yet, beyond taking one glass out and tapping it hopefully (it dinged both sides!) :slight_smile:

My dealer just held with one hand and tapped with his fingers…he seemed to hear a difference, but cloth ears here was struggling😬

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SB one things for sure, a substantial upgrade is coming. I was sceptical at first, but its a great product.


Thanks! I am looking forward to it.
On a purely aesthetic level, I knew I wanted a Fraim the very first time I saw one about two/three years ago… Never thought I’d be able to afford one.
Any SQ upgrade will indeed be the icing on my cake!

I tapped last night Gazza. Holding by one finger on a corner and the opposite corner on the coffee table…both sides: ‘ding!’
Dammit, I thought. No donk!

Yes, they sound slightly different to my ears, but not enough for me to be definitive…good old dealer fid my rebuild when installing 552/500 recently.
I was surprised how good the fraim is, just a little better definition to everything…enjoy.

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I did mine by placing the glass on the steel balls as each shelf build was complete, and dinged it in situ first one side then the other. Of the 4 shelves 3 were clearly different, one of them sounded the same either way.

Keep in mind the advice to put a black box on at each step, with cables in place. It’s easier than building the rack then trying to get the boxes in place.

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Yes, that’s a great tip.
Thanks @HouseholdNaim and @dave-marshall, who said the same in the Fraim thread.

I just placed glass on shelf as I built them and tapped. Honestly, I heard little to no difference and ultimately didn’t worry too much about it. When I rebuild I try it again, and I still don’t hear much difference, if any.

Yes, good advice @JosquinDesPrez - I’ll tap when building each level, and not get too hung up on dink vs dong…unless I hear a clear winner, of course :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to get started - I sneaked a peek at one of the cherry shelves, looks nice! If all the shelves are in the same condition (from what I remember seeing it in the dealer’s dem room, they are) then this ex dem Fraim is a beauty!

Would have preferred clear glass to tinted perhaps, but I’m losing no sleep over that :smiley:

Yup don’t get too hung up on it, just to clarify though, you want a “ding” or “dong”, not a “dink” or “donk”.


Thanks Richard :slight_smile:

Ding dong it is! Must say, the glass is lovely quality - as is the cherry veneer finish. Impressed!


ah but which way up does it go? dong side up or down?


It’s all getting a bit Carry On, did anyone else read the above posts and hear them in Leslie Phillips’s voice?



I saaaay…

Carry on.


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Richard, that has confused me. With the glass one way up you get a brighter ringing sound. The other way up gives a duller donk sound - or less dingy if you like. It sounds best with the glass placed so as to give the bright ringing sound. That sounds like the dong side down rather than up.

It’s worth saying that with some sheets of glass it’s impossible to tell the difference, probably it’s just me who finds it impossible, yet with others it’s really clear. Once the right way up it’s worth trying the glass rotated by 180 degrees, as one way round is sometimes more ringy than the other.

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Richard was very explicit.
Dong side up.

Presumably that also implies that following a 180 degree rotation you should adopt the orientation that delivers the bigger dong.

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Yes, he was explicit. However I believe he meant to say down rather than up. You want the ding, not the dong.

I think here ding & dong are being used for the “live” sound, while dink and donk for the duller sound.
That is not a sentence I could ever have imagined writing before I joined the forum.