App upgrade to V5.13.1 - Tidal not working

Have upgraded my iPhone to version 5.13.1 of th app and now Tidal won’t work through my Qb att all. Have tried resetting the Qb and the phone. Even tried the app on the iPad (also v5.13.1) but that won’t work either.

Radio and UPnP work ok.

Anyone else having trouble?

I’ve got the same problem. Still awaiting a reply from Naim support on this. Everything else works and the TIDAL app works, so nothing wrong there. If this problem doesn’t go away soon my streamer will be worthless. Streaming TIDAL is what I use it for.

This is not specifically a Naim app v5.13.1 issue as it had been working fine for me until today. I noticed I have updated the Tidal app today so wonder if that’s the issue.
Going to try the normal reboots etc. and see what happens…

All the same here for my NAC-N 272 streamer and 2 Mu-So’s. As usual app updates require rebooting/resetting audio and network components so I jumped through those hoops again. But to no avail. Tidal streaming still doesn’t work. Cynically the 08/may ios update for the Naim app mentions “improves connectivity to TIDAL” …

As Steeve pointed out it might not be related to the Naim app version. I streamed TIDAL yesterday night and it worked just fine. Today it didn’t. No upgrade of app versions in between the two moments.

To me it works well even now that I listen to Tidal from the Naim App. I also updated the naim app two days back iPad 2 and iPhone SE … I have nd5 xs2

Ok well I’ve reloaded, reset and rebooted everything I can and it’s still the same.

Strangely I think I even played something on Tidal first thing this morning ok as well. I can’t remember whether that was before or after I updated the Tidal app though!

Just to confirm, I can see all my Tidal content through the Naim app, e.g. favourites lists and search for everything. It even tells me it’s added the selected tracks to the queue, it’s just when it tries to play them a brief message comes up and then it reverts to the previous input.

Looks like it’s affecting everyone the same anyhow…

Ok so it seems to work on the new streaming platform but not on Muso, Muso QB and 272 which are all the old streaming platform.

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As a temporary measure you can still listen to your Tidal content through the Tidal app and connect your iPhone or iPad to the USB socket or use AirPlay.

Ok, I have ND5xs2 but alas I have to buy the Mu-so qb just to listen to Tidal in another area … But what are these jokes? NAIM ALARM!

At the moment the most likely problem appears to be a change in the Tidal app which is causing tracks not to play on units with the old streaming modules.

If anyone has any further information to either back this up or contradict it, please post it.

As I say, there is a temporary workaround.

Again with the “Tidal makes a change so now doesn’t work with the NAIM app.”!

I suppose this means another wait while NAIM play catchup. Do Tidal actually communicate with streaming manufacturers at all? Bloody inconsiderate.

The USB workaround doesn’t work with Android.

Is there an avoidance solution to this going forward? If I update my streamer to a ND5XS2 will that future-proof me?

That further points to the issue being the new version of the Tidal app.

Just tried a fresh iPhone (my son’s). Never had a Tidal nor Naim app on it. Installed just the Naim app and used only this app to login to my Tidal account. So never downloaded the Tidal app on it. All Tidal favourites appeared in the Naim app but non played. Problem not solved. Looks more like a Tidal / Naim backend issue.

Tried this on a NAC-N 272 streamer and 2 Mu-So’s.

Exactly the same for me. Nd5xs. Tidal through the Naim app doesn’t work, the Tidal app itself does.

Steeve, have you tipped off @greg ?
Its no good me getting involved as I don’t use Tidal

I’ve got the ND5 XS mk 1. I’ve never been able to use TIDAL via Apple Air Play. Only via the Naim app. Spotify, on the other hand, only works via the Spotify app and connects via Spotify Connect.

I’ve tried connecting my iPad via the USB socket but all I can play is music physically stored on the iPad. CD’s I ripped into iTunes 15 years ago. Streaming TIDAL doesn’t show up on the Naim.

So basically I’ve got 5,000 € worth of junk sitting around the house at the moment. Remind me never to spend large sounds of money on computer based music again. I’ll stick with CD’s and vinyl. There will be no drastic changes to standards overnight making my collection of LP’s and CD’s unplayable.

I’ve tagged him here. Do I need to do anything else?