Apple Music HiFi Tier incoming?

Evening Clare. Will it work on my UQ2?

Still working out how Apple plan to implement Lossless via external DACs etc. AirPlay 2 not an option in this scenaio.

I’m still comparing it again roon/Qobuz on my Uniti Atom HE. One thing I don’t like is the volume rocker changes the volume 5 levels and volume slider is sensitive in the Apple Music app. With Spotify, the volume works as expected, just one level at a time.

Also, how do you connect to AirPlay before you start the first track? I don’t see the icon in the app until that point. Spotify Coonect allows you to choose endpoint ahead time. Surprised they didn’t release lossless yet.

That is very cool. I have 1400+ albums on Apple Music…

It’s selective - roughly 20% have been upgraded from my library

That will probably be expanded with time.

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I connect to the Naim through Airplay. Then the artwork shows up on the Naim.

I was pretty surprised, when I heard it through NDX2. The separation and sound stage was greatly improved. Then I tried listening from IPHONE to my IEM. Music was seriously good. Is like I have pair of $4000 iem. The best part is it doesn’t cost me anything. Those Hires players will be obsoleted soon.


And a usb-c to usb adapter to connect the iPad to the usb input on the Nova to play from iPad library if not connected?

But I was having trouble seeing where you connect to AirPlay before you get to the album view. I see if I swipe down in control panel I can get to to AirPlay menu. But you don’t see AirPlay menu option from main screen in Apple Music.

I have it all working fine and see the artwork. I also see if stays connected even after I go back to roon and the unit switches flawlessly between the two.

Are you on an iPad? I open Apple Music, choose, and yes, go to the upper right, swipe down, then choose the unit you want to play through.

It’s great. I have a large set of powered Mackie 450s. With just an iPhone I could blast a large party. I’m anxious to hear how they sound with the Nova as pre-amp…

Yeah, I figured it out.

As far as sound quality, I’m finding even with cd quality roon/Qobuz sounds better. There is more air and detail. Soundstage is kind of compressed with Apple Music.

I am liking the Apple Music app. While trying to test an album, I was waiting for roon to load up. It sometimes gets hung up lately.

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Hi Clare,

is this downloads done from Apple Music (the streaming service) or the „iTunes Store“ (the old buy-and-download)?

As far as I can tell older iTunes Store purchases that you redownload stay as compressed 256 kbps AAC files or protected .m4p 128kbps files.

I think it is only ‘Apple Music’ subscription downloads that come in lossless hi-res flavours, and of course those downloads woul not be available if you stopped subscribing.

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From Nova just stream in hires lossless. Use iPhone will do. The sound was superb…

How do you know what quality stream you are Airplaying to the Nova? I’m assuming it’s currently CD quality but as my app doesn’t list the stream quality I have no idea.

That’s my expectation, actually.
(I cannot imagine Apple not adding another carrot for people still unwilling to subscribe to AM. :wink: )

Though with the movies you get „free upgrades“, but those are DRMed (as opposed to most iTunes Music downloads) and TV+ isn’t competitive (on amount of content) anyway so far…

As for spatial audio it’s certainly an effect but everythinhg seems quieter so beware if you turn it off to A/B as the extra volume can be quite a jump.

I have always been frustrated that they have not let us upgrade older SD TV and Movie purchases to HD if available for a nominal price given current free 1080p>4k upgrades for movies and the old option to upgrade those DRMd 128kbps audio files (where possible) to 256kbps.

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