Apple Music HiFi Tier incoming?

They are individually labeled as lossless or Apple Digital Master. Or no label is the original and unchanged. Plus you need open settings and change there also.

Right. But I’m grandfathered for life through Verizon as long as I have Verizon. And if I dropped it I’d just pay the $9.99/mo

As far as I know AirPlay 2 is capped at lossless and can’t do hires. Well 24/48k is currently limit. It will just downsample. Can anyone verify that’s the case?

So you have a grandfathered Apple Music plan? Neat. Wasn’t there a grandfathered data plan at some stage too?

I have that also. But they throttle the speed after 22 g…still it’s a great plan. $108/mo unlimited everything plus Apple. Had Disney+ for a year, and I could have lots of others I haven’t bothered with. The only reason I did Disney was for Hamilton (which is spectacular…if you are a Yank?)

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I don’t think it’s really clear at this stage. Airplay was limited to lossless CD quality. Airplay 2 focussed on multiroom playback at launch but we believe there is capability for hi-res lossless streams, maybe this just needs to be enabled on source devices and Airplay 2 capable endpoints. Apple had little interest implementing hi-res lossless when their ecosystem didn’t support it. You could Airplay hi-res lossless downloaded files from iTunes but they got transcoded to CD quality max.

In some ways a bit of smoke and mirrors.

Equally the 24 bit 48kHz lossless would generally be considered hi-res. The phrase generally refers to any lossless better than CD quality files/streams.

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Confused now… streaming is in highres but not the content you could buy? Or did I miss something?

But I tell ya…As Sued was pointing out the ABC on the ap…I HATE icons. Well…I hate that I’m supposed to know what they all mean. All you 40 and unders grew up with this crap. It’s foreign to me, not at all intuitive, and scary. Touch one, it changes the page, us old farts have no idea how to get back…it would be just lovely if there was a common spot for a key for the F$%*ing things.

I was just taking a pic. It takes “bursts” of 10. They all are uploaded to my cloud until I pick one. I don’t even know how. I tried. So I tried to turn off the burst. More F*&%ing research??? F&*$. I’m retired. I want to (legally) get stoned, listen to music and walk in the woods and mountains all around me. I have zero interest in any research whatsoever. Sorry. Intellectually lazy? Maybe. But I’ll hike your butt off…


I have it as of today. Everything is clearly marked.

I believe you choose what you buy and how to download it in settings. There’s a warning about data usage.

Tried to buy the album but it didn‘t allow to make any choice for format, so this is max 320k resolution…

No it won’t. It’s limited to 44.1 you can’t get hires at all via Airplay currently and no comments from Apple on when or if it can.

Have what? While I see spatial audio and lossless icons in the AppleMusic subscription area on my iPhone, I am far from convinced the higher quality audio can be currently Airplayed to my Nova without downconverting to lossless CD quality.

We may be streaming lossless hires but Airplay may be processing that to CD quality currently.

To avoid confusion I’m referringvto Airplay from iPhone X with current iOS.

My Mac is older and running an older iTunes on High Sierra.

edit: later posts suggest we can’t even Airplay lossless CD qualuty from Apple Music yet and we get the 256kbps AAC version we used to still.

Hi @Simon-in-Suffolk et all,

Currently Apple are forcing an aac link on Airplay2 when using Apple Music, even if the ui is saying lossless. This was documented on one of their FAQ pages.

So example:

Now lets turn on the internal metrics airplay2 trace:

Observe the aac 256kbit link.
As and when Apple ‘open the taps’ then that can go to 16/44.1 alac. Beyond that will need Apple to update Airplay2 in devices. There will be complexities of switching rates, gapless, buffer sizes and clock tracking different rates.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


I see those options in Settings for Music but think they apply only to streaming and streaming related downloads. Hope I’m wrong but actual purchases are probably still limited to lossy 256kbps AAC.

So @stevesky are your saying it’s sending out aac via Airplay and not lossless at all? Is this just to Naim devices or all of them?

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Yeah he is saying that . Also evidenced it.

That was a pretty interesting blind test. :joy:

Bloody Apple!!

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Hopefully the key phrase is ‘currently’.

It’s quite similar to Amazon ‘HD’ where superficially things look great but in practice getting hires to devices is a real hurdle.

Hi @CrystalGipsy

Yes. See my earlier post which shows the airplay2 metrics screen reporting aac.