Apple Music HiFi Tier incoming?

Oh dear!!! Smells like Amazon to me. No wonder it’s free.

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Trouble is the masses will latch on to spatial audio and won’t give a hoot about lossless/hires especially if it hits their mobile data plans!

The Homepods use airplay so this does indicate that it is in the works. Frustrating though

Is it just Apple Music that’a aac for Airplay 2 is all Airplay 2 currently aac?

Yeah I just read the FAQ again and it doesn’t mention airplay at all.

I guess this goes to show that most people can’t tell the difference as Apple claims. Lol.

That is insanely expensive! I pay £14 per month for unlimited everything on my mobile contract.

Mind you, we get ripped off for virtually everything else in the UK…

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This comes up when I switched to hi-res…maybe some do and some don’t…but I think I do…

Canada is worse when I have been there, too little people and a whole lot of nowhere makes higher prices. One thing we do get cheap here these days is good mobile deals.

So truly to get lossless now is direct connection to the device. I’ll stick with roon for now and stop testing. I was already concluding that roon sounded better with cd quality but it wasn’t a fair fight yet.

Sorry I may have missed or forgotten earlier posts, but is that from iPad?

If so what is your external hardware DAC?

I think it means you need a DAC directly conected to the Mac/iPhone/iPad?

My hardware is likely older.

You may well be able to stream the Hi-Res audio to a device/computer but after that is it delivered to the actual playback device as such or is it ‘downprocessed’ to CD quality at best?

Too few people and 90% of the population in Canada lives within 100 miles of the US border

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My guess is the Naim Nova DAC.

Very true as I discovered when flying from Montreal to Vancouver. When I had flown straight to Vancouver it just flies over empty country but that way I say cities and towns, big contrast to a whole lot of nothing. Always made me think of we crash and I do survive that I won’t survive long out there.

No you can’t airplay cd quality or hireres. You need to connect an external DAC via usb to the iPad to get hires or even cd quality right now. Your only getting a compressed aac stream to your Nova over airplay.

At least I know my Naim Unit Atom HE and Focal Utopia are good enough to tell the difference. As far as audio quality, I always listen for soundstage first.



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So Steve, what I don’t understand from your log is why is AAC-LC being selected… what host device is setting that?
Airplay2 can allow lossless codecs such as ALAC.
Or are you that is a limitation of the host you are using to initiate the AirPlay2 stream?

If I go to GitHub I can see a reverse engineered break down of AirPlay2

In the _raop._tcp I see a txt record containing the following

So if AAC is being used, that is a software driver decision it appears.
Are you saying Apple will need to change its product software to allow its products to use codecs available in the ‘cn ‘ field of AirPlay? Curious as AirPlay is proprietary Apple… but then Apple is renown for making things complicated.

Somebody else just confirmed this as well on Roons forum with non Naim kit his streamer shows an aac stream same path from device to DAC shows hires 96/24


I’ve followed the instructions as per airedog’s post, I have 14.6 iOS on my iPhone and MacOS 11.4 on my MacBook Pro but I can’t find any ‘Audio Quality’ to tap…
I have opened Apple’s webpage on my MacBook and I found exactly the same instructions in my language - yet, in Music’s preferences I can find no ‘Audio Quality’ to select…

Puzzled Max

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