Apple Wallet - Strange advert

I don’t often open Apple Wallet on my iPhone (but use Apple Pay frequently) but was surprised to see this at the top of the Wallet when I’m in the UK:

It links to an ad for an app to be used on the Beijing Metro.


Does anyone else see things like this above the cards added to the wallet?

Look up. Can you see a weather balloon?

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No, only the ceiling.

Nothing on mine, in Germany, very odd

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No adverts here in the UK…which version of iOS are you running?

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As Deeg says definitely no adverts in the UK Apple wallet.


iOS 15.5

I’ve resisted iOS 16 as it’s an older iPhone and battery life is not what it once was.

Maybe not an advert as such, there are about 30 similar looking things in Travel Cards, but why is this one being promoted to me?

Apple are expanding their on-device adverts in apps store and news app for example but was not aware of them including the wallet.
Have a look at your privacy setting under security and notifications…the ad could just be a notification from another app/card you have in your wallet.

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I haven’t used Wallet since an international flight over a year ago, but just opened it (IOS 16.5.1, in British Isles) and nothing like that - indeed no ads, and I don’t recall ever having seen ads in Wallet.

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Just checked wallet which I use a lot and yes there is the ad. It’ll be rejected straight away.


I don’t think so to be honest, but did wonder if some apps I have which may have a Chinese origin could be promoting it.

This was a little concerning - Visa cards only apparently when used to pay for travel cards. I don’t have any travel cards enabled and have not nominated a default card for use with them.

The banner (when clicked) discusses a named app - I can’t find this on the AppStore and searching for it in Google yields a lot of instagram images - many of them Asian women but I suspect not speaking the language that it may be just be a common word . Nothing unsavoury about the images the search threw up so probably just random things with part of the name included.

Anyway that was 2021. You can be quite sure that bug will have been fixed long since.

You’d think so but the article suggests Apple thought it was so complex to implement they didn’t consider it a serious threat, so as yet I’m not sure it is fixed.

The UK banks are quite happy for you to put visa debit and credit cards in Apple Pay. If it were a big issue or even any issue then I doubt that they would be at all complacent.


I would have to agree, I just find this very strange - has this odd banner been there for days, weeks or months?

The only time I tend to use Wallet is when actually paying not configuring things.

On an iPhone you don’t have to go into Wallet to use Apple Pay. You click the iPhone on/off button twice quickly and it takes you right into a deck of cards with your default card on top. Don’t you do it that way?

Yes appreciate that. I either double click or by holding the phone near the card terminal launches the payment screen. This is why I rarely open the Wallet app my clicking on its icon.

I only use my Wallet to store Rail Tickets and credit card for Apple Pay. Though I don’t open the wallet, but simply double click. Orders can appear in the wallet for past purchases.

But I notice now a range of Chinese travel cards have appeared plus one in Hong Kong, a few in Japan and the US. These seem to allow the traveller to pass through the gate. I’m running iOS 16.5.1 and have never noticed this before. I think the cards can simply be ignored. The travel cards only appear if + is pressed to add a card and need a 6 digit passcode to add them. I don’t think there’s any cause for concern.

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