Aqvox se switch

Hi I am have just installed one of these switches feeding my ND555 … It has been in a few days now - and I have noted the following:-

  1. Greater refinement at high frequencies - particularly to vocals
  2. More detail - strings and vocals are particularly good
  3. Stereo depth seems improved
  4. System appears more open
  5. System sounds slightly more relaxed
  6. My network speeds seem improved - generally.
    Overall - its a pretty convincing upgrade sonically - yes it is expensive - but not when compared to super lumina cables etc - when the effect is equally profound … :grinning: Also it is early days so there could me more to come…

Are your backgrounds blacker too ?

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Does this occur at the start of tracks or constantly… what happens when you disconnect?
What did you have before?
Am intrigued if you say network speed seems improved generally as it implies if like for like there was an issue with your previous switch.

It does concern me there is no mention on the Aqvox device about its support for network based noise minimising capabilities such as IGMP snooping, IGMP version support, cable diagnostics and queue prioritisation… it simply seems to focus on the physical serial link clocks which certain quality commercial (Ie not aimed at the audiophile) EMC sensitive switches will be providing anyway.
Are you able to log onto the device and confirm how it’s controlling your attached hosts?
I can’t find any capabilities that are published, and the only one I have found thus far from Aqvox is based on a pimped up consumer D Link switch (which I assume this isn’t)… which I would not recommend for critical audio use.

I have the Aqvox too and I only can confirm [Richieroo] findings.

It does video as well!:slight_smile:

I do have a Aqvox too and that was magnificent upgrade for my streamer.


How to explain the speed increase though o cannot fathom that unless you previous switch was a t100 or something

Just for interest, what network cable are you using between AQVOX switch and ND555? And what cable between AQVOX and router?

you should share in the Ethernet switch and cables mania too :sunglasses:

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I believe I have done it already at the system pics 2019 some weeks ago :wink:

i was replying to the OP, because in the thread i mentioned some reported on audiophile switches.

I’m sorry, didn’t know that :man_shrugging:

no problem

:small_blue_diamond:@frenchrooster,…I agree,.this is exactly what we are discussing in that thread.

Too bad to divide this information on two threads,.maybe @Richieroo have missed this thread.


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I worked my way up from a Linksys switch to a Cisco switch to an Aqvox. Improvements with each upgrade. I’m using Ansuz Ethernet cables and a Gigafoil ethernet filter with a Keces power supply for the Gigafoil.
I’m now looking into an Ansuz Power Switch but I hope to stop the madness. My system sounds pretty good as it is.

I am using an Audioquest Cinnamon 8m length … it was a nice upgrade over Cat6.

Hi Simon … wow this is a bit technical … I had a cheap Zyxel gigabit switch before with an IFI good quality psu. I thought bits being bits - that would be fine … and in fairness it did sound good. But the Aqvox is very good sonically a good upgrade - and related to the price of super lumina or a box upgrade - good value. I suspect Aqvox replace all the Dlink sockets with units with built in isolation transformers … and some tweaks to psu and regulators. In my system and lan I suspected noise artifacts were present due to the length and run of my Lan from my server in the loft… but that was just a gut feeling. anyway I am delighted with the result.

How do I link this thread … the main reason I listed this way… I was interested to see if other Naim users had a similar result with the Aqvox switch - specifically - without wading through long threads…

Cinnamon between Aqvox and ND555 and Viablue EP-7S Silver CAT 7 between NUC and Aqvox. I am very pleased with this arrangement.


Sounds just like the benefit I got from my £60 s/h Cisco 2960G 8TC-L!

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