Are AudioQuest cables made in China?

I’ve just bought Audioquest Cinnamon 12m LAN cable. Actually I was surprised when I saw text on the package “Cable Made and Assembled in China”. Also the box is pretty cheap looking. I don’t know maybe it is normal for Audioquest, but it seems strange considering the price.

Can anyone confirm that this is normal? Maybe some of the members also have Audioquest cables assembled in China.

I’ve read that there are a lot of counterfeits of AudioQuest cables on the market.

Audioquest offer an authentication service on their own website, which seems a good place to start.


Yes I know that. But they destroy the cable without refund.

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Surely only if it’s a fake, no?


All iPhones and macbook laptops are made in China!!!

From reading information provided on their page I understood that they destroy the cable in both cases :). So this “service” seems very strange and I doubt if there is a benefit for users.

Yes, a lot of products are assembled in China.

But Audioquest Cinnamon packaging I’ve got today seems very cheap looking. So cheap that I began having doubt if it is original :slight_smile: . Didn‘t expect that from such famous brand.

Some time ago I‘ve bought Wireworld Stratus 7 cable. It is cheap, but packaging was very nice.

Any cable found to be an authentic AudioQuest cable will be returned to you at no cost.

Any cable found (or determined) by AudioQuest to be counterfeit will be destroyed at the authentication center. You will not be compensated in any way for a destroyed counterfeit cable.


And the moral is that it does pay to deal with reputable dealers .


Welcome to FAKE World, its a significant industry in ‘the fareast’, there are no controls, no laws, no nothing & no respect of intellectual property. Its one of the drivers that Trump is focusing his trade sanctions on against China. Look around, its everywhere, no brand is safe, especially the highend (highcost) ones… Nike, Burberry, Cartier, Tiffany, Rolex, RayBan, Gucci, Viagra, Adidas, Chanel, Levi’s, Samsung … the list is endless, buyer beware.


But I always buy direct from Apple or from an accredited dealer. I don’t have a quibble with Chinese made products as long as they are made to a specification, the problem comes when you seek to buy as cheaply as possible.

Caveat Emptor


Hi Luc,

I have cinnemon AQ and the box was of the quality you would expect, so I would be suspicious.


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Thanks. Was your AQ packaging much different from mine?

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Hmmm — a quick Google image search suggests you might have been ripped off…

Packaging quality is difficult to judge as being “genuine” or “fake” without a reference, knowing the source of the product would be a better starting point for any appraisal of originality wouldn’t it?

Was the cable purchased from a recognised Audioquest dealer or at a greatly discounted price from an unrecognised online source?

if its the former, I’d be assured that i was getting a genuine product which may meet my expectations and accept that packaging quality may be compromised in order to focus on the quality of the product contained within but so hard to be sure without the details…

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I bought it from very famous online UK shop (not sure if I can mention the name here). It specialises on hi-end equipment. The price was 350 Eur for 12m Cinnamon. So this is normal price, not discounted or “bid” type.

are the packaging like this one?


No it is a little bit different. I attached the photos above. But mine is 12m, not 1.5m.

By the way, Cinnamon LAN is “braided” in 0.5-3m interval and with PVC jacket in 5-12m interval. So mine version is PVC. That is normal.

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Can you return the cable? If you can I’d just pick up a BJC cable and call it good.


I checked the video about Audioquest and it confirms that they have factory in China. So I beginning to think that everything is all right.
I’ll start burning-in process :yum:

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