Are used prices rising again?

After what was an almighty slump shortly after the 300 series were introduced, I’m seeing signs that used prices are recovering. Has anyone else noticed this?

Am I being dense, as I have no idea what P/L prices are?

Not alone @graham55 :man_shrugging:t2:

Preloved I guess? Not sure They are recovering, maybe sellers are holding out on prices. I’ve got an XPS for sale and have received a couple of offers below asking price but I think my price is good so I’m just gonna keep holding out.


Perhaps, just some people setting higher askings? After all, you have to be careful with auction 'sites. Trying to economise on listing fees can bring about undesired outcomes.


Here in Germany the prices for used naim are higher than in the uk.
The was a nxdx2 overflow which has reduced the price a bit - rest seems stable. Would think that the prices for used naim went straight up during pandemic

Hoping for a 500 series drop when npx500 and companions came out

I have some naim in stock … will sell some it … can not store anymore


I’ve watching the used market quite closely this last couple of months and it really has bottomed out it seems. So much so that a couple of dealers I spoke to are releasing used equipment for sale on a drip feed system so as not to flood the market with yet more OC units, or at the least staggering the sale of traded in stock. It really is a buyers market at the moment as very little is moving.


Preloved is a marketing euphemism - second-hand is what such items are.


Incorrect on the latter.

These items are not second-hand until such time as they’ve already been acquired by the subsequent owner, at which point they are no longer on sale of course.

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It’s still not a good time to sell and dealer trade in offers are really low - I was offered £3300 on a barely 3 year old NAP300 DR recently. However, with the price rises and the dealers finally finishing with moving on ex demo stuff, then I think this is probably the bottom. Interesting a dealer recently told me that the NC is not moving as quick as expected.

It’ll depend if the increase in used supply comes with an increase in demand and buyer competition.
You can’t overlook the fact these are luxury items even used, and many potential buyers will be looking at their ever shrinking disposable incomes and being naturally more cautious when considering new spend.
You would imagine dealers may also be more hesitant to offer lucrative trade in offers knowing that a product they’d have flipped in weeks in the past could now be something they’re sat on for much longer and with less likelihood of making any money back on.
Certainly it feels like a good time to
be an old classic upgrader with a lot more availiability of used products and sellers often happy to drop a price a little to be rid of something.

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I think the stuff that is priced right is selling and the stuff thats too high is still sat there giving this illusion

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I’ve no regrets trading in my SN3 and NDX2 last year, in the same position now I’d have more supply competition to head off and average selling prices measurably lower than what I got at that time.
I ended up with a brand new 200 Series NAP 250 (the trade in made that free basically) which will cover my baseline system needs for a lot longer than the kit I let go last year.

Indeed. I think the HiFi scene has become way too over-inflated in recent times and folks have started realising that it just isn’t worth the RRP no matter which way you look at it. Bang for buck is dwindling big time…unless one chooses the used market.


I agree with you, i think when the whole covid thing happened prices were justified…it seems. stuff is just too expensive. NC250 is £6200 soon…for a nap250! used ones are like £1500 which is a good deal.

Its not just hifi though, look at the Rolex market. they are now appearing in shop windows again, the demand is simply not there

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No, used prices aren’t rising and sales are slow on all HiFi , including Naim, and cars. Hopefully spring and winter bills out of the way will see a change.

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Yup. It’s a buyers market.


…and realising that the NC line isn’t offering-up ‘night & day’ improvements over the upper-OC kit perhaps.

When OC came out to replace Olive, the NAP300 (non DR) was seen as being much better than 135s (IIRC), and the ‘very expensive’ 500 series came shortly after, which created much green-eyed commentary around these parts…but, over time, the 500 religion spread.

Now, with hi-fi inflation across nearly all brands, prices are steep by any measure e.g. over ~15 years, the cost of a new 500DR amp has risen ~100%, whereas using say annualised inflation of 2.5% over term, the increase is only ~50%(ish).

I’ve seen a few items sell (not on sale) at prices higher than they were going for a few months back.

Maybe it’s a blip but my take on things is that the bottom of the market was reached last year and they are (slowly) moving up again. Still way off the covid peaks which may never be repeated.

NC prices are going up 500 quid a box.

You’d expect used OC to rise a little in response, the pricing gap is what tempts some one way or the other.