Are you "All White"?

Yes a Nova which is white, but nithing beats the green glow of my old active olive system.

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What’s the Olive system got in it?

Please post a photo if you can muster one.

Long gone now, do miss it, the sbls and the mountains of Mana.


not sure I’d miss that! :rofl:


Wow - tremendous system.

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Did you listen on stilts?


he had those Mana bases under the sofa for better isolation and to bring things up to the correct height!lol


Personally I prefer green, a distinctive Naim feature.


Just spat my coffee out :rofl:

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I feel the same Paul. I buy the kit to listen to it, not to look at it. In fact, I’m waiting till I move house to buy new speaker cables (probably KS-1s), as length is to be determined at the time. The speakers will be in our main living area and I’ll be situating the amps and streamer in another room and controlling it with the Naim App. It will probably be on the lower level, directly beneath the speakers. (Most homes have basements in Canada).
I couldn’t care less what the boxes look like and neither does anyone who comes to visit.
When I was young (18yo), my MacIntosh system used to impress the girls, but that ship has long since sailed.


That’s a good question. Does anybody know the answer? Apologies if already covered.
I’m not really too fussed about the colour but my 555 PS DR and 552 DR will need a service before too long and if I ever change the 300 DR to 350 then the option to matching the lights might be good.

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Wow that is some serious isolation for those units and speakers, I am a real convert to Townshend Audio platforms and bars but never come across any of the mana gear, I have often wondered how a stand suspended in this way would benefit my equipment

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