Are you "All White"?

I’m told that they are fairly straightforward to replace, apart from on the NAP500 head unit. When Naim lowered the intensity of the logo with the release of the rest of the Classic range, many NAP500 and 5 series owners wanted to have their illuminated logos replaced to match newer kit. On 5 series that was fairly simple, and even a dealer could do it while you waited. However, on the NAP500 head unit the logo is buried deep within a complex casework and so really only worth replacing when doing a complete strip down for overhaul and service. Until then, as a temporary “fix” you could have the intensity of the old logo lowered by fitting a resistor.


Maybe it’s not worth it for the lower spec units? I say that as a disenfranchised owner of a lower spec unit :wink:

At the recent Naim NC demo in Sussex. This was pretty much the first thing Jason covered. Apparently there are small but noticeable SQ improvements with white due to different frequencies!!

Is the logo light that straightforward to replace? I have an eight box classic kit, and one of my SCDRs is noticeably dimmer. I asked my dealer about it, and was told it’s not that easy to change and would have to go back to Focal-Naim NA to correct.

Apparently the change will be applied to other components in due course.


A different issue perhaps? There is a slight logo brightness variance from one model to another, and also from one example of the logo to the next, so overall it can be very hard to get an exact intensity match, which I guess is hence why it may need to go back to the distributor if you want as close a match across all boxes - AFAIK an exact match is nigh on impossible.

The early logos though were obviously much, much brighter and obviously stick out if you rack them with later units.

If it’s a PS or power amp it should be fairly straightforward. Pre-amps and sources are rather more involved with their display and logic boards, and I could understand a dealer not wanting to mess something like that up, but nothing like the NAP500 which usually has to come back to the factory, hence why the resistor was offered as an alternative.

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I see. Thanks. All the lights are pretty close, except that one SCDR. All of the kit is ca. 2016 - 2021.

However, I won’t worry about it. I really now need a phono-stage that accepts two inputs so I may end up selling my Superline and one of the SCDRs. The dim light one is the one I’ll let go.

Years back I had the dreaded oil slick on believe it was my 202, I replaced the logo on that & it was pretty straight forward, if you have any sort of electronics repair/mechanically inclined.

In my case it’s not the logo, but the light itself. But see my other reply. I’m not going to worry about sorting it out. It’s noticeable compared to the other 7 boxes in a dimly lit room, but not worth opening the box myself or sending it back.

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The logo/light are one complete assembly.

OK, but I’m still not going to do it myself, and my dealer doesn’t want to either.

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Everything’s Gone Green:




Beat me to it.


Will always be my favourite.


The brightness on my NDX2 is lower than that on my SN3, noticeable but can be ignored :blush:


Mixing and matching. I don’t really care, as long as it sounds wonderful!


It’s really most noticeable in a dimmed room. But when you have eight boxes and seven are spot on, then the eight does kinda stick out like a sore thumb when the lights go down. With two maybe not so much.


Did you get a new streamer?