Asset UPnP. Good..but when does restart & rescan finish?

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Following the various threads on this forum including this recently closed one Asset UPnP R6.6 Released I have been trying out the free version of Asset. It is generally excellent, in particular the layout/browsing views compared to my Synology Media Server on my DS216 NAS and especially the ability to play FLAC as WAV and 24 bit etc. I also really like the configuration capability. However, there have been a couple of frustrating glitches and before I post on the Illustrate forum I thought I’d check if anyone can help. (I am running Windows 10 Pro on a Lenovo Think Pad T430 laptop).

Occasionally when I have transferred a new FLAC album (ripped on dbpoweramp) to my NAS, and then go to Asset on the Naim app on my i pad the album only showed the first track. But the whole ripped album shows on windows explorer in my network folder and indeed on Synology’s Media Server (still installed) on the app. Yet another album that I copied across at the same time from my hard drive showed all its tracks. When I then try to “rescan folders detecting changes” using the Asset page it just hangs on that screen and never returns to the Asset home page. I have found though that if I then delete the FLAC album from the DS216 folder on windows explorer, and re-copy it across from my hard drive and wait a while, the whole album then shows in Asset as well as Media server on the Naim app. Just a glitch?

Simon Pepper said in a previous post:
If you just ‘touch’ the metadata of an album, it will be promoted the New Albums selection during the next scan. I don’t have the automatic detection, but avail of a forced scan every 60 mins. What does he mean by “touch the metadata” and also how do I set up automatic detection?

I get a similar problem when I try to restart Asset, for example after editing the browse tree to change the layout of the main menu. I don’t know if this is normal and if it would return eventually to the Asset homepage? Notably, if I close the Naim app, wait a while, perhaps reset the app and then go back in after about ten minutes, the editing to the browse tree has taken effect.

I don’t know if these issues are a result of this which seems to be a compatibility issue between Windows 10 and my Talk Talk router, because the router/DS216/Asset IP addresses recently say “Insecure” just before the address rather than the usual padlock? Also see

I can send screenshots if useful. Thanks

Hi Oddtimejon, you are making this more complicated than it is. Forget Synology’s Media Server, un-install it.
Where is the Asset actually installed, I assume its on DS216, Windows is only used to change stuff such as browsing preferences. Once you have your preferences set, I suggest you just run with that & learn what Asset will do for you, its remarkably easy & simple.
I use it without so many of the factory defaults; I’m happy to post a screenshot of my preferences & browse tree setting if you want, its a start point that works, then you can go from there.

Asset is viewing by albums or artist or a combination of both or whatever else you might choose such as genre or composer. Do not confuse that with what you see on Synology’s ‘Media Server’, this is very basic & is just looking at the NAS drive tree & is the same view as is seen in Windows Explorer. (One of Asset’s browse tree options can be set the same, its called Folders & Filename View).

Re “rescan folders detecting changes” … & it sticks on the scanning screen:
That’s what it does, as soon as you touch the rescan for changes you can go back to the ‘Main Menu’, it might be showing its still scanning, but will soon show the full albums & track numbers count, that means its done.
I don’t have mine set to Detect New Tracks or Check For(Timed Intervals), I buy new stuff once in a while & just run the Rescan For Changes when I add new album(s)

First of all, get the full paid for version. It’s hardly expensive.

Set asset to rescan for changes automatically.

When you add an album to your music database it takes a few seconds to appear in the app. If you flick to the app too fast it will only show the first few tracks. That’s what you are seeing.

Asset has a ‘new albums’ feature. What Simon was saying is that say you change the album art, or the genre, on an existing album, Asset will show it as a ‘new’ album.

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Many thanks @Mike-B and @anon4489532 for your quick responses. Sorry if it sounded like I’m overcomplicating it but I’m actually not other than I just didn’t expect it to stick on the scanning screen for so long without saying scan finished or something like that. I now get it. I was aware of what you say in your first two paragraphs but that was not my question. I agree it is simple to use Asset and also fully understand how to edit browse tree based on your previous posts and screenshots thanks. The only reason I mentioned MS (to give full info) was that if I compared the MS album view to Asset’s view on my Naim app, it showed all the tracks so I knew they had been transferred to the NAS. TBF Media Server can also browse by metatdata such as album/genre etc but it is not as good as Asset. I realise that I can uninstall MS and probably will do so soon and also understand that the folders and filename view is only in the paid version.

I installed Asset via the Synology site onto the DS216 as you suggested in previous threads.
You have both answered my rescan/restart question thanks. I agree the paid version is cheap and will sign up soon and hadn’t realised that one of the extra functions this includes is the automatic rescan for changes.

Thanks also @anon4489532 for confirming the “new albums” point.

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