Asset UPnP R7.2 Released

Asset UPnP R7.2 has been released
Included are new packages for OSX, Linux, QNAP & Synology

Synology users need to take care as there are two versions in separate .spk packages
DSM-6 is for the current software
DSM-7 is the new DSM beta stage software that is due for public release sometime in 2021
The DSM7 version is not compatible with DSM6, or visa-versa, so take care to get the right version & don’t be tempted to try the new one.


Thanks Mike if it wasn’t for you highlighting these new releases I’d still on v5 or something like that.

No problems Andy, it seems that new revisions are popping out so regularly these days & as I do a bit of beta testing on Asset it keeps me in the loop & it costs nothing to post any news.
The 7.2 beta worked OK, have fun.


I’m currently on version R6.3 fully paid.
If I download R7.2, how do I make sure I have the paid for version rather than trial?

When you update you will need to list your order number given to you when you paid.

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I do still have that, so it won’t be a problem. Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

jsaudio is right, it’s the only way to get updated.
Go to the “Buy” screen & at the bottom is “Registration Retrieval”, enter your order number, or ‘forgot’ & enter your e-mail, that links you to your original order number, touch that & the R7.2 selection screen opens up.

I actually found my original purchase email, where it states:

“Download your software - This download link stays active, it can be used to reinstall or upgrade to a later version in the future”.

So I downloaded and installed R7.2 directly from there.


I’m shocked !!! I actually saved that e-mail.

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Do we know what changes are made in 7.2? I can’t seem to find details.

If you mean the changes between R7.1 & R7.2, its listed in the beta testing section, as are the changes from earlier revisions .

Changes since R7.1
Fixed a regression in LAME build config that resulted in live LAME MP3 encoding not working on certain Linux configurations, in particular QNAP and possibly other NAS.
Fixed incompatibility with some HTTPS radio stations.
Enabled live MP3 encoding capability in 32-bit ARM build.
Added reading of .gif and .bmp external album cover files.
Fixed bad decoding of specific rare .bmp files.
Refreshed troubleshooting page, can no longer view logs when logging is off.
Added support for Synology DSM7 beta - separate SPK package provided as DSM7 is not compatible with packages for DSM6 and older.
Improved feedback when trying to add a folder that Asset has no permissions to read.
Resolved incompatibility with BubbleUPnP, causing some 320kbps MP3 files to be shown as 40kbps in BubbleUPnP.

Thanks for that, Mike. :+1:

Hi all, I’m a new Naim user and use Asset to stream music from my Synology DS214. Works great, but how can I get the Asset icon on my Synology desktop? It doesn’t show up in the Main Menu, only in Package center, where I can open it. A bit cumbersome. Thanks for any tips. - Leo

Hi Leotron, welcome to the Naim forum, a great place & nice people.
Why do you want an Asset logo on your Synology desktop? do you use the desktop when you play music? my computer desktop is sleeping when I play music, or are you using Asset ‘for Windows’ or ‘for Mac’ to browse & play? In that case maybe better ask the dBpoweramp Asset forum as most people with Naim use the Naim app on tablet or to control & browse Asset.
But looking into Synology GUI (desktop), with ‘Asset for Synology’, the package icon/logo cannot be moved, only the items on the ‘Main Menu’ can be dragged & dropped to Desktop

Thanks, Mike. Yes, of course I use the Naim app on my tablet to acces Asset. I only need to access it directly in DSM for rescanning the database, as I found that music I added to the NAS didn’t show up automatically in the app right away. However, I looked at the Asset manual and found the setting that automatically scans for changes (I set it to do so every 15 minutes). The Asset manual also confirms that within DSM it can only be launched thorugh package center. So, all solved. I will be browsing this forum to read about other people’s experiences with Naim. I’m very hapy with my ND5 XS2!

Its a great streamer Leo, very happy to mine.

You can launch Asset GUI (configuration screens) from a Windows browser bookmark.
Enter your NAS IP address followed by :45537
e.g. http://192.XXX.X.XXX:45537
I have it bookmarked on Google Chrome, same with MS Edge.
Not sure if can be done with Mac.

Thanks, Mike. That works! (No Apple hardware in this household!)

Yes it does work on a Mac, using Safari here.

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Updated 7.0 to 7.2 about a week ago on Synology DS220. Dumped about 50 CD album FLAC rips onto store (which already had 800 albums) and noticed NAS didn’t power down as usual when unused. Asset memory usage reported at 2.9GB. Rebooted NAS, rescanned and all fine, including new albums with next to no memory use. Anyone else seen Asset do similar?