At what point is it bonkers

Nordost, for example, sells a USB cable for $6500-$10500 NZ (somewhere around £3000-£5000).

At what price point is it bonkers to spend on a particular hi-fi item?


About 1% of the price you mention.


It’s relative. To 99.9% of the world, everyone who paid $2k for an Atom needs their head looking at.

But look at it this way. If you think it’s bonkers it’s okay. They aren’t spending your money. So no harm really. They weren’t going to donate that money to an Orphanage if the cable didn’t exist.


Agreed. There is no price at which you must stop to avoid ridicule.

If you think X sounds consistently better than Y and hence more enjoyable, the question becomes whether that degree of improvement is worth the cost to you, so it’s completely subjective.

I have lots of nice Naim boxes and was quite happy with Naim A5 speaker cable. Changing around my room meant I needed new and unusually long cables. I was assured the vastly more flexible/ easy Tellurium cable would sound just the same, and on that basis I paid the extra (i.e. not for SQ). To my mild surprise, the sound settled down to be better to my ear and others, though not by nearly enough to justify (to me) getting new cables if I had not needed to do so anyway,

My speaker cables are now perhaps 3% of my system’s value. I cannot imagine having a hi-fi / room where it would feel appropriate to me to spend more than around 5% of the value on speaker cables - but I won’t kick anyone who ends up with 2% or 7% as their ‘right’ number.

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The way look at things like this, is that the person who is spending has earned that money. Possibly by being a good business person, and possibly by employing other people (lets ignore criminals). Then when they spend that money on something, the receiver also then has an income to pay the manufacturing costs of that item, plus various staff to keep things running. In the end lots of people benefit from the one transaction.


I was heavily ridiculed by my brother for buying a Power-Line. “How much?? On a kettle lead??”. Most of my friends would probably say exactly the same thing to me. But to me, it sounds better, and it’s my money!

One of the good things(?) about this forum is that just when you think you have totally lost the plot, there’s always someone on here who’s bought something way more bonkers than you! No offence, anyone. :crazy_face:


When you can’t stop and it starts to negatively impact life in general.
1st world problems.


I think a lot depends on where the money’s invested. I would consider that sort of money for a cable to pretty much be near the end game in terms of upgrades - I’d have gone as far as I could with sources, amps, speakers and rack before looking at cables because that sort of money could go a long way on other components.

It never is unless you decide it is.

Buying a piece of carbon for thousands of euros that is useless except for its symbolic value is acceptable from a cultural perspective.

On the other hand, a 3500 euros USB cable is shocking and even scandalous to some.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Do you see where I’m going with this? :wink:

It’s all about perspective and culture.


To be fair, diamond salesmen don’t falsely claim that diamonds do anything.

Oh wait - how about make one irresistible to unusually beautiful women…


My mate has a classic car he rarely drives. He told me I was bonkers spending all that money on HiFi. I said well, I listen to it at least a couple of hours every day. How often do you drive your car? He got it then!


A very good friend of mine gulps at the cost of my system. I point out to him that I use the system for several hours almost every day, but if he goes out on his yacht 3x a year he does well.


You just made my point.

A carbon crystal potentially has an effect on beautiful women…

In this sentence alone there are TWO totally subjective statements. Both of which are rooted in a strong cultural background.


1% of the cost of what they’re connecting?

Isn’t there a non-linear issue on price?

What can you get for less than £20 for (say) 2 X 3M?

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I have been trying a no-nonsense pair of Blue Jeans speaker cables which costs ~$50, which sounds mighty fine to me, even better than my other audiophile cables.


Personally, I would never piss on the chips of anybody who spent this sort of money on anything really, be it a cable, a stamp or a watch etc. but in my opinion, I like to look at the second hand value of something to see what something is really worth. In some ways I think this is what makes Naim ownership an attractive option for me, I’m pretty sure my Nait 2 and 250/32.5/hicap are worth the same as I paid for them.


The practical view is the point that you can’t afford it.


And DeBeers controls the market by buying up all the diamonds it can and storing them. A 1 carat time is realistically worth about $10 … less than a high school prom gift.