Atom + Bowers PM1 - which speaker cable to use?

Hi All,

I’m after some advise on which speaker cable to use with an Atom + Bowers PM1 setup.

I’m thinking of either the naim A5, Chord Epic X or QED silver spiral anniversary. The run to each speaker would only be @ 1 meter lengths.

Any opinions and advise welcome please?


I have as my desktop system a Unitiqute (Atom predecessor) into B&W PM1’s. It’s a wonderful near field listening experience that I use for the vast majority of my music listening whilst working. I use NACA5 and have 2.5 metre lengths. Sounds great.

This thread might help you Atom and NACA4 speaker cables - #18 by JosquinDesPrez

Thank you, I will read the thread also!

Can’t give you a specific answer on your speakers but I use the QED Silver with ProAc Studio floorstanders and find that gives good clarity and detail. I also run on 3m lengths but do have some carefully hidden away as I probably have no more than 3m distance between speakers.
There are more knowledgeable people on here than me but I would recommend the QED.

Good luck.

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If it is feasible to use NACA5 that is what I would do as it’s the cable Naim would have used when developing the Atom.

However, 1 metre seems very short. Classic Naim boxes need at least 3.5 metres and although the Atom will probably tolerate 1m per side, such short cables might impact sound quality and there are practical considerations. NACA5 is stiff and thick, so I doubt you’d be able to be able to have the speakers much over a metre apart even with the Atom bang in the middle. If you can cope with it in your situation, my recommendation would still be NACA5, but preferably around 3m length.


Thanks Roger, very helpful, after researching more I have been thinking the same as what you have advised both cable length and supplier. I’m still trying to get my head around the 3m plus rule as it appears to be raised a lot in forums, I suppose once the shops are open I might see if I can get to trial some options first. If not I’m going to just take the plunge and go with what I think and see the outcome.


Don’t forget to avoid circular loops if you do get 3m cabling. They can be laid in s shapes or long open loops. A cable tie can be useful to hold them. I grabbed this image from a web search.

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I will be getting my delivery of WH N2 tomorrow (Fri) - allowing for a bit of ‘run in’ time, I’ll post my thoughts (202/200 etc + SCM 11 v2 system though) :relaxed:

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Oh I thought that was a dipole antenna

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Hi again

After 24 hours with the WH N2 (& a few problems, which I ‘posted’ about & are now sorted) all I can say is: awesome cable, compared to Chord Clearway (+ other slightly cheaper ones in my collection) - N2 not much more expensive, but the qualities it has brought out; cleaner bass, excellent mids & cymbals sound very close to ‘real’ (think I’d have to have a far better system to get them ‘spot on’) - my system/ears/room.
I can only use the (well used) phrase: ‘punches well above its weight’ & I would recommend it, & if ‘burn in’ is true: I can only expect it to get even better.

I went from 2m QED silver to Naca5 2m on UQ2/Nap100/Dyns and, surprisingly, noticed the difference. Top end thin-ness was smoothed out and overall mellower, weightier sound. Good upgrade imo.

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