Atom HE & Focal Naim app - can't turn off shuffle

I sat down for a first proper listen lsat night and found that every album I play has shuffle turned on.
If I tap the shuffle icon - nothing happens.
If I hold it down for a few seconds - nothing happens.
No matter what I do I can’t turn off shuffle.

If I tap the Loop icon it toggles between loop once and loop - I can’t turn loop off either.

Mobile phone is running Android

Any ideas please folks?

i have just solved streaming problem by re-installing app - so i suggest trying that

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This is on an iPhone, but both should toggle on/off with a single press. Colour of the icon should change from light grey to white.



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Ah! yes - I was expecting the icon itself to change. The difference in contrast is all but undetectable, but yes it does work.
Thanks both!


you are absolutely right about the limited change - if the sun is out it is impossible to spot - i have raised it with naim in the past but they seem wedded to it - perhaps their ui designer lives in a windowless room?


:rofl: I very much agree.
With most apps the shuffle icon changes to 2 parallel arrows when off - so it’s obvious.
With this app I can’t see any change between shuffle on and shuffle off unless I create a shadow with my hand (I have windows in my house :))
I’d imagine it’s something very easy to fix.
Seems a pity that they don’t intend to.

I had the pleasure, early in my career, to work with a recognised/published expert in user interface design.

In one meeting nearly every GUI suggestion proposed by tech team was rejected. At the time I recall thinking what a waste of time this all was, colours and shapes were pointless, how icons changed was irrelevant. Foolish inexperience.

Two weeks later we had a senior manager from a client in a demo. He commented on how he was delighted his colour blindness did not impact his ability to use the proposed new system. Project went ahead.

Toggling dark grey to light grey would have been snorted at by the expert. And rightly so.

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Just another vote for a change.

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One thing I have found that helps is to use the Dark setting.
The difference in contrast is much more noticable

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