Atom with Audioquest Rocket 11

HI All,
I-m connecting Atom to speakers with Audioquest Rocket 11 cables. Now, it turns out -according to a friend- that it would be preferable in a biwiring configuration like mine, to match cables regardless of their colors, i.e. red&black + striped red& striped black. This would ensure lower inductance, such being more suitable to Naim ampli.
A check on the Audioquest cabled did not really clarified.

What do you think? Anyone has this set-up compared to the usual color matching one?
Thanks for your tips!

Hi, Naim amps do not like low inductance cables, and biwiring only makes things worse. You would probably get better results by changing to a cable known to have better compatibility with Naim amps, but at least, you should avoid biwiring if you decide to keep the Audioquest.

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Yes, agree ChrisSU, looks like a misunderstanding.
Naim amps like higher inductance, ideally 3.5uH or higher.
Bi-Wiring halves the single cables inductance & doubles capacitance, all not liked by Naim

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Thanks folks.
There was actually a misunderstanding with the person who suggested this set-up, as he meant low capacitance. Nevertheless, I was told about the source of his advice, which is the webpage of a distributor of Audioquest cables that I report as follows:

“The Rockets are cables with a low inductance geometry but they can also be assembled in such a way as to have a low capacitance configuration, simply by not following the colors but by joining the cables of the same weave. This mode is provided in Audioquest cables in particular to be compatible with Naim amplifiers or in general with electronics that have better performance with low capacitance cables.”

For information, this is the Naim guidance as provided by @Richard.Dane

*Naim power amplifiers do not have extra inductance networks in the output. Naim prefer the more elegant solution of allowing the speaker cable to provide the correct inductance and *

To do so, a minimum of 3.5 metres per channel of NACA4 or NACA5 cable is required – although the optimum length is around 5-10 metres with a maximum recommended length of 20 metres. We find the supplied Naim speaker plugs to be an optimal match for the 4mm sockets we use on our amplifiers.

In addition, the plugs are designed in such a way as to prevent them being accidentally inserted into European mains sockets - hence the warning in your Owner’s Manual
“The Naim loudspeaker connectors supplied are designed to comply with European safety legislation and must be used.”

Cable length for left and right channel should be of exactly equal length – even if one speaker is closer (as is often the case) to the power amplifier.

It is advised that you position the system away from between the speakers, either off to one side of the room or at the opposite end. As such, longer lengths of cable are ideal and will work without significant information loss.

Spare speaker cable should not be coiled – excess cable may be tidied up in a way similarto that employed in the “Jumping Jack” firework. Use cable ties or similar at either end to hold in place. Additional: I would not recommend any particular length for the folds - you can make the folds suitable for hiding but use some sense. You are most likely to end up with one cable needing to be tidied - that to the nearest speaker - giving the distance between the speakers as the amount to be dealt with. Avoid having the doubled (tripled or whatever) too close to either the speaker or the amplifier end of the cable - to give as much flexibility as NACA5 allows for the final run at each end.

Avoid running the cables parallel to mains cables.

Apart from Naim’s own upgrade cable - Super Lumina (3m/channel minimum) - alternative speaker cables cannot be recommended by Naim, however, should you still wish to try them then you should ensure that the cable is low capacitance and of moderate inductance. High capacitance &/or very low inductance cables are to be avoided at all costs and may result in damage to your amplifier.

NACA5 specifications are as follows:

Capacitance: 16pF per metre
Resistance: 9 milliohms per metre
Inductance: 1uH per metre

Minimum length: 3.5 metres per channel
Maximum length: 20 metres per channel (note that longer lengths can be used up to around 25 m but then some small signal loss must be expected)


Thanks [DiggyGun]

Thanks ChrisSU,
Do you have any tip on cables you could share?

Naim’s NACA5 is a safe bet as it is specifically designed to have the correct inductance and capacitance.
As for alternatives, the older, discontinued NACA4 can be a good low budget alternative, or try Linn K20 which is essentially the same.
Other brands known to have reasonable compatibility include Chord, Witch Hat, Tellurium Q and Kudos.

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Thanks, I’ll check them out!

Hi @Alebowski

I know my amp is not an Atom but a Supernait 3 and my system is not biwired, but I thought this may, or may not, be of help.

Interesting exchanges, indeed! Thanks

Use the AudioQuest, and buy the matching Audioquest jumpers…

I use a pair of audioquest Robin Hood zero on the Supernait 3 and working perfectly. The length is 3 meters.

Quick update. After some testing, i have connected the Rocket 11 red with red and black with black. On the speakers’ end, I have used jumpers from the same cable. This seems to work pretty well in my room. I have also found an interesting tip in this page and connected positives to treble + and negatives to bass -. Again, after some testing this worked for me.
Curious to read your opinions on this!

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