Audio cable between Naim NAP 250 DR and Naim SupercapDR

I don’t know if anyone can answer me.

I am configuring what I need to order to upgrade to my Naim system.

I already have NDS and Supernait 2 and I am going to buy 282/250DR/Supercap/555 DR

I would like to purchase a cable to connect the NAIM NAP 250 DR amplifier to the Naim Supercap DR power supply.

What better cable to choose?

Is there a Superlumina for this?

My case is unfortunately different.

To connect SuperCap DR to NAP 250 DR I need a 4-pole Snaic cable on Supercap DR side and a 3-pole Snaic cable on NAP 250DR Side.

Does anyone know what this cable is it or if is it supplied with the NAP 250 DR?

The DIN-XLR should come with the 250 and will connect the NAP to the Supercap.


Thank you very much for your answer.

One interesting thread. It can help. You can also ask @trickydickie, @Jason, …who have similar systems.
I don’t if Superlumina make Snaic cables to perform vs the standard.

Here the thread on stacking your future system.
The First Stacking Question of the New Forum!

Usually for reasons of cost - 282 is usually paired with a HCDR

A supercap DR is usually paired with a 252. the price difference between a brand new 282 and 252 isn’t that big.

If you can afford a SupercapDR, go for a 252 if possible.

That’s what I would do.

For reasons of cost though, I stay with my 282/HCDR. And I am happy with it.

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And probably for a more balanced sound. Some prefer the standard pairing : 282/hicap and 252/supercap.

As has been said above, the Din to XLR comes with the 250 as standard. You can get an SL version as an upgrade. But, and I’ve said this before, get a 555PS and a really good stand before worrying about wires.

The OP worries about wires because he will purchase new components : 282/ supercap / 250 dr/ 555dr to power his nds.
So he wants to know which cables he needs and if they come with the boxes.

I am using standard Naim cables except for an AR Sounds Lunar between the NDS and 282.

Works great to me. I am of the view that top end cables are the icing on the cake and best left for when you have your end game system.

Is the Snaic cable to connect supercap to 250 dr comes with a 250 dr purchase ?

I have a Highcap DR but yes, the din to XLR cable came with the 250DR

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So it’s the same for a supercap ? Yes I presume.

Yes, the cable that comes with the 250.2 or 250DR will connect it direct to a hicap or super cap.

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For clarity, a SNAIC does not connect a SuperCap to a 250. SNAICs are proprietary combined signal and power cables that go between a power supply and what it is powering.

For the SuperCap to 250, the OP needs a 4-pin DIN to 3-pin XLR interconnect and the 250 comes with one in the box.

However, if buying new, the OP will need two 5-pin SNAIC leads to connect the SuperCap to the 282. Those are not included and are sold separately.


What exactly does a Supercap power in the 250? I thought the 250 only required a standard plug to a power socket?

Absolutely nothing. That’s why there is no SNAIC from the SuperCap to the 250, inly a 4-pin DIN to 3-pin XLR interconnect.

Okay, I’m confused. I thought interconnects from NDS to 282, 282 to 250. Power connection from Supercap to 282. 250 plugged to power plug.

Just as well I don’t have one :sunglasses:

There is no direct connection from a 202/282,252,552 to any power amp.

SuperCap powers the preamp via a SNAIC (2 in the case of the 282, or burndy in the case of 252) and signal comes back to the SuperCap via the same cable (power in one direction, signal in the other). Then the Supercap connects signal only via an interconnect (not a SNAIC) to a power amp.

A preamp’s power supply also has the signal reference earth, hence the signal goes via the SuperCap in this case.

This creates the oddity that Naim preamps don’t actually have any obvious pre-out connection.

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