Audio cable between Naim NAP 250 DR and Naim SupercapDR

Thanks, I’ve learnt something there.

Here’s the connection guide illustration, which will also help;

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Don’t forget, however, that if you had a preamp, power supply and a 100, 110, 140, 150, 155, 160, 180 or 200, the connection between power supply and power amp is in fact a Snaic 4, so not an interconnect.

If you are powering a 102, 202, 82, 282, and the various shoebox pres direct from a power amp such as a 140 or 200 then there is a direct connection.

The point is that when you add a power supply to the chain, the signal passes through the power supply in order to maintain correct earthing.

The difference comes with 135, 250, 300 and 500. All of these use 3 pin XLR inputs and therefore not a snaic.

Does the OP need a NAPSC with the 282 if using the Supercap?

Yes, the 282 won’t work without one

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I’m not sure he knows that?

It should come as standard in the box. This is where dealers come in, rather than asking on a forum where a lot of advice seems to be given by people who think they know more than they do.

As HH confirms, even with a Supercap, the NAC282 still needs its NAPSC. This is because the voltage requirement is different.

Which is why if one is buying brand new, and can afford a Supercap DR, might as well buy the 252

The price delta isn’t that big between 282 and 252. It’s the Supercap DR that is the expensive jump from 282 to 252

282 at 2020 prices is 4778 gbp
252 is 6629 gbp
Hicap dr is 1419 gbp
Supercap Dr is 4599

It doesn’t make sense financially to run a 282 with a Supercap Dr

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It’s not black and white. Some people prefer the 282/Supercap to the 252.

I had a 282 some years before, with a hicap. I didn’t have a naps. Or really my memory is problematic.

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You should have had a NAPSC. The NAC282 wouldn’t operate without it.

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Having heard it in a system which previously has a 282/SCDR I’d much rather have the 252/SCDR

The grip on the bass was a different league on the 252

I’d still suggest that 282 makes more Financial sense with a HIcap DR instead of SupercapDR and spend the balance on the source upgrade

To me when money is limited it’s all about where to maximize musicality for the limited cash

I don’t understand. What is the link ?

Hi aristoweb,
Hungryhalibut’s answer in post no. 8 tells you what you need to know.
The DIN to XLR cable for Supercap (or Hicap) to 250DR comes with the 250DR and is all I would use. I would not even bother to look for upgrades, even the Superlumina version at this stage.

If you have already decided to buy a 282 (which comes with its own NAPSC), a 555 PSDR (with a pair of Naim NDS Burndys if they didn’t already come with your NDS), a new rack (or 2) and a 250DR, then I recommend stopping there and enjoying the tremendous uplift in musical performance that this will bring.

With such an investment, your Naim dealer should be extremely keen to answer any and all installation questions that you may have. Are you planning to buy from a Naim dealer or are you thinking of buying used from elsewhere?

Best regards, BF

A joke from Adam. The 82 & 282 won’t work without a NAPSC.

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282 have NAPSC

Of course I will order to my Naim dealer that live in Prague.

He told me today that a pair of Naim Burndty is inside the Naim 555PSDR already so I not need to buy another pair like someone told me before.

Of course I asked him already many thinks but I asked too in this amazing Naim forum.

WIth all these information now I can proceed with my order.

That is great news. It’s not standard for the Burndies to come with the 555 so you have done well. It should have a PowerLine mains lead as well.

I had a 282 with a SC and traded the 282 for a 252. The 252 only stayed in the system for a few months and was replaced by s/h 552.
The 252 was more refined than the 282 but was too laid back and lost the boogie factor in comparison.
Given the option I would not bother buying a new 252/SC as for the same price you can get a s/h 552 which is in a different league to both the 282 and 252.