Audio Note Speakers

Not there yet,will be in about 4 hours,remember that I am in Canada, 5 hours behind Britain.

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ah forgot that !!

I briefly had some AN-Js with my CD5, Nait 5.

It wasn’t a happy marriage but I would be very reluctant to put this down to the speakers per se, more that they didn’t seem right in my room with the port putting out too much bass. I would have liked to have heard them in a bigger room.

In the same smallish room, an AudioNote Soro SE seemed very happy driving LS3/5as. This surprised me given the lack of power from the amp. I suppose it was quality power. But I digress, the OP mentioned speakers.

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AN-J/SPE with Naim 32.5/HC/250 for 3 Days. i heard the three days at naim Elektronic. It was OK, but nothing more. But I heard that with AN OTO SE Signature. Clearly, much better on all fronts. I mean AN boxes play optimally with the AN amplifier. Naim Elektronic plays better with the other speakers: Kudos, Harbeth, Naim …


I never got to hear the An-j/spe’s yesterday, check the British speaker house sound thread for more detail.


I found a pair of audio notes AN-K on which I redid the suspensions …
For now, not enough to go to heaven, but wait a few hours for them to relax.


Audio Note are amazing speakers, very clear and precise. However they are made for low powered valve amps, think expensive Kondo amps. They are not ideally made for Naim i in mind.

Saying that, a very simple Naim Nait, Audio Note system could be pleasant as long as you don’t push them too hard and play anything too complicated.


Probably not easy to do, but can you describe the effect of speakers struggling to keep up with complex music?

Friend of mine is using his high end AN speakers with Townshend Allegri > 250dr - superb. He also has some valve & Pass Lab amps, but he is smitten with the Naim.

Yes, that’s true. My Harbeth Super HL5 Plus needed some boost from Naim amps to sound groovy and involving. The Harbeth sounded a little flat and dull with Sonneteer Orton and other amps such as Rega, Plinius to name a few.

Its hard to explain as you say, but there tends to be a loss of edges, instruments become harder to follow and everything seems to become less coherent.

Audionote speakers work best in corners of the room, and angled in such that the sound crosses in front of the listener. Yes they are designed to work with low powered valve amps like Audionote and Kondo (where Audionote got its original designs from) When set up right, and with the right partnering equipment, they can sound extraordinary.

I remember a few years back visiting a small show in the midlands and listening to a pair of Kudos X2 speakers being played at volume with a 552/500 and a top LP12 upfront by a very well known dealer. The sound was pretty full on and quite frankly, gave me a bloody headache. After 30minutes of requests and listening to people gush about how such a sound come from a small speaker, i left the room.

Just 3 doors down i walked past the Audionote room and thought that sounds good. Walked in, sat in front of a nice pair of Audionote speakers in the corners of the room, an Audionote valve integrated and a valve phono stage, all linked to an LP12 and also an Audionote turntable. I sat in there for the best part of an hour and was taken by how involving, lifelike and utterly beguiling the music was. It completely wiped the floor with the Kudos system which sounded much like a transistor radio by comparison.



Thanks PB

The Audio Note AN-K have been installed for a few days.
For now, they are placed on weighted feet Atacama HMS1.1, although too high, it is a good improvement compared to the Linn Sara Stands.
But the big surprise is the testing of a Primaluna integrated amplifier in PP of EL34!
Compared to Nait, it’s more suited to these little AN-K, as PolarBear said, it’s more homogeneous.
I think a Single Ended would do even better :blush:

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Hi, I am not surprised to hear that. I had the opportunity to listen to AN speakers many times over the years and I always liked them very much.
I cannot say they are not ideal with Naim but certainly those speakers were intended, designed to be used with tubes.
All the original AN project are developed after Peter Snell’s loudspeakers (K, J, E). Relatively high efficiency, lightweight speakers, simple xover, the opposite of most of today’s loudspeakers.
In a properly assorted system they can do miracles. E for instance in a high level AN/Kondo system is a joy to listen to.

To return on your main question (AM with Naim) I would be really curious to find an old Nait 1 or 2 to drive K or J AN loudspeakers…that would be a good test :yum:

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Primaluna’s are cracking little amps, I was tempted many years ago when I had a smaller Naim set up. Much more suited to the simplicity of Audio Note speakers.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

AN-K sound great with Nait 1. Proper dynamics. Also heard a £5K Audio Note integrated in place of the Nait which had a wonderful open sound, although I found the music kind of meandered rather than flowed in a way I’m used to hearing. Was a very brief listen to the AN amp though.

Hi, thanks for commenting, I was sure it would make a good pairing :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes Dave, that’s true… I still remember a great listening session at a hifi show in Milano many years ago with a full Level 3 AN system including the E Silver loudspeaker. They were playing the whole Harry Belafonte at Carnegie Hall record, a 1959 live recording. It was very involving, impossible to leave the room before the end of the record.

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