Audio Note Speakers

AN-K as in the kit products from Canada?

Hi, it’s the entry level model of the AN loudspeakers… here the K on the left, J middle, E on the right


Soon a change for AN-J…


I wonder Crifo if the walls absorbing panels are still useful with your audionote standmonths speakers?
Perhaps they limit now the bass? Just wondering… Before you had SBL or DBL , so very different for room interactions.

Hi mon petit poussin Français :smile:,

For now, I try in the length of the room to play with the corners, but you’re right, I am not very satisfied with the bass rendering in this configuration. :thinking:

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Mon petit Chrissounet de Froidville, can’t you remove the acoustic panels to see if some bass will be restored ? Perhaps they are hardly glued to the walls, so not easy to remove to test.

:joy: c’est joli

I first tried without the diffusers, it has no effect in this region of the spectrum (300Hz-3000Hz), my problem is around 100Hz and only in the longitudinal direction. I think rather of the natural resonance frequency of the room. :thinking:

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Crifo, how many pairs of loudspeakers do you actually have!!??

These ones have bigger bass medium woofers, not?

Never more than one pair in the same room! :smile:

They seem bigger, but it’s the suspensions that are deeper.



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Back across the width of the room …
After several days of testing with positioning, it is currently working very well!

I confirm, with the Nac72 / Nap135 Combo, it is very good, even if the tubes components are more relaxed, I like this assembly.

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They look very nice, can I ask what finish they?

A 72 and 135s is a combination i often pondered but never got around to trying, I always imagined it would sound great and probably outlive me due to the build quality (and I’m not actually that old…)

Your speakers seem quite toed in from the distance the picture is taken, is your listening position closer to them or do they require that kind of positioning to perform at their best?

Hello Chris,

the finish is Olive Glossy.

For positioning, I tried a lot, this is how they work best, with a strong Toe in.
Visually, it’s surprising, but that’s how the speakers disappear :thinking:

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Hi Crifo

Very nice, i thought it might be olive, its a lovely looking finish to my eyes and i often wonder why we don’t see more use of it on speakers

There’s a certain synergy with the forum too…

I’m still experimenting positioning of my speakers, you’ve given me something to consider in the future, enjoy

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