Audio Show East

Audio show east celebrating the 30 th anniversary of Signals hifi is on the 28/29 th April at the Suffolk showground near Ipswich. The tickets are free and can be reserved via Eventbrite from the Signals facebook page. Has always been a good day out, and nice to meet up with other forum members, see you there.


Hi @Gazza I am not on facebook, can you get tickets any other way ? or a call to Alastair/Andy ?

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It will get on their website in a day or so, will post then.

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Its now on the Signals website.

I’ll be there!

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I’m in for the Friday!:smiley:

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CU……nearer the time we should all arrange to get together…… @NigelB refused last time to wear the tommy cooper fez. Hopefully he will relent so we can recognise him.


@Gazza super, thank you, will be there !

I’ll be there, and for those who don’t know me I’ll wear my Fez!

That’s dedication to the cause for you. :wink:


Good on you😁

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Ticket booked for Saturday, I might go on the motorbike so perhaps I should wear my helmet in honour of @NigelB :slight_smile:


Pam and I will be going on the Friday see you there!

Be nice to see you both again.

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The hifi being used at the show is:-





Chord Electronics,



Golden Ear,


Kudos Audio,

Lateral Audio Stands.

Melco Audio,


Naim Audio & Focal,

Rega Research


Very good looking. I’m surprised that I’ve never seen one on this forum.

They seem to work well with Chord, Accuphase etc……and in that context preferred to Fraim which was developed for Naim.

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I shall pop over on Friday.
Let’s hope for a nice day so with Fish and Chips from Riverside Chippie Manningtree I can have a picnic on the Mistley Walls.

I can recommend it Gazza.


Just an update……the Signals website/facebook has the latest details. It includes booking for some one off Q and A sessions……i booked my self for the one with Russell Kauffman on speaker design and demo of with/without damping. There is-one on songkong.
Some interesting other items for me is the Innuos range will be there in full, including Statement as well as the new reference Melco.

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Oooh…I may also book the Russell Kauffman session as I now actually own a pair of Russell K Red 100s, and bloomin’ good they are too.

Who needs wadding?

Should be an interesting session, Kevin is the new guy at Signals…….Alistair going semi retirement. I have booked 11 am on the friday

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