Audio streamer 24 bit/192 or above?

I’ve asked this on a non hifi forum but am still confused.

I have hires flac files on a store connected to a PC. I currently stream via a pc based software, sqbx server, to a sqbx duet. The Duet feeds the qutest and on to the 252.
I want to replace the sqbx duet with a hi res steamer. I don’t need a pre-amp or a dac so what is there that will do the job? Obviously in the Naim world there is the Atom but I don’t need all of its functionality.

Hi Bruss,

If you get the chance listen to the Qutest with an Sbooster LPSU, and then the SBooster Ultra II. Really kicks the SQ up.

WRT streamers the two that have worked best in my system are the dCS Network Bridge (£4k) & the Meridian 210 (£800).

I use the 210, although it is deliberately limited to 24/96, which is the Meridian standard. Sounds great to my ears.

Other units I have tried/owned include: MicroRendu; UltraRendu; Pi; and SoTM Ultra.

I have not tried the Naim streamers.


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The Auralic Aries streaming transport might be worth looking at, they get great reviews.


Aries would be a good choice and a G1 is what you want with a non-Auralic DAC. Currently around £2k in the UK and won’t need a wired connection if you have good WiFi. You can also use it with an external CD drive to play CDs if that’s of any interest.


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Atom is a full system-in-a-Box, surely not, what you are searching for. (Transport, DAC, pre-/power-amp.)

Closest could be ND5XS2 (?), which has a DAC, but also digital-out, if you can connect it to the Qtest. (Others will know, or look yourself at the available connections.)

Ok, been looking through stuff. The Aries G1 looks a good shout from both a techie and a features point of view. Nothing is future proof but seems pretty up to date.

Any down sides? The only one I can immediately think of is expanding in to other rooms. Currently I can synch multiroom. I can’t see whether this can or not.

There is a Lindenann Limetree Bridge streamer for about £745 which is good and tiny.

Hi Bruss,

Look at the app side of things. From memory I think you have to use Apple to use the Aries, for me that is a no go. From a SQ perspective I enjoyed the G2, and I think the G1 gets pretty close.


Dont get to wild about the wordlentgh. The analog stages of a D/A is limited to 20 bits. Larger wordlength is only useful when mixing/tracking/editing.

Sample-rate is another matter. At 384kHz or higher you can remove the (digital) filters both in recording and replay and the reduction in smearing is worthwhile.

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You can use the BubbleUpnp app for Android with the Aries models. You don’t miss out on much over their app which only works on Apple devices.

We have Ipads so no problem there. Phone is Android so bubbleupnp I think is OK.

Both this G1 and the Atom seems bit ott for what I think I need but hey we have to spend out hard earned somewhere. :slight_smile:

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I use a Stack Audio Link streaming bridge into a Qutest. For me was a significant uplift on a ND5 XS.

I understand, you want to continue using your existing DAC, correct?
Then don‘t get an Atom, it won’t support using an external DAC. (See comment above.)

Thanks, yes I’ve realised this, that the Atom doesn’t have a digital out, only pre amp.

For the price of an Atom you could get an ND5XS2 which has a very good SPDIF digital out.


Yeah, what ChrisSU said …

True but in terms of a simple streamer , a Unitiqute 2 would do the job and a little cheaper.

It would, but it lacks many of the features of the new platform streamers, has a redundant amp, and probably won’t sound as good.

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Interesting. Qobuz works on the Unitiq 2 ?

Digital out to Chord Qutest and then on to a 252. Not sound as good?

There is no native support on the old streamers for Qobuz, lossless iRadio, Roon, Chromecast or AirPlay.