Audioquest StarQuad Type 4

Hi every one,
one month ago, I went to my hifi reseller, and I listened an Heed Obelisk 3 with the Audioquest StarQuad T4.
I found the sound very transparent and pleasant.

Does anyone has tested it on Naim amplifier, and with Olive in particular ?


A quad configuration cable is not ideal for Naim olive amps, they need high’ish inductance & low capacitance - hence why Naim designed NACA5

A quad cable typically has lower inductance coupled to higher capacitance, & although not excessive, they are not ideal

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Thanks for tour answer

SO - if one wanted to not use NACA5 ( and I need 4 x 8.5m lengths as i run an active system) - and wanted something else - whats a viable alternative?
Van Den Hul ?
QED Revalation ?
Ecosse EDS4 45 Bi Wire ?
Anyone any experience with such ?


As far as I know, no Audioquest speakers cables are really appropriate for Naim. They are solid core litz designs. Naim really wants stranded straight.

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I use Avondale BlackLink 2x5m, more pratical than NACA5

And how do you rate the sound quality with this cable ?

I’m surprised that post passed the forum filters! I used it myself for some years, most recently on an Atom. Then tried some NACA5, and was astonished at the improvement I heard.

Better than NACA4 (for me, and with CB and Olive), but never compare to other cable

I’m using Go-4 which is a star quad type with my Nova (8m per side (my kit stands to the side, not between, the speakers hence one run is much longer)) and it works fine. Beat the pants off NAC-A5 in demo with the kit I chose to buy. It was recommended by my dealer - I’d initially intended to get NAC-A5. The Nova shows no sign of instability and doesn’t overheat, shutdown, or have any negative effects that I can see/hear.

Not sure it’s a Litz configuration - it appears to have a different twist and isn’t a multitude of very thin wires, but 4 solid cores (I believe wrapped around a central core); there will be others who can answer that accurately.

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