Auralic Vega G1

I’m reading brilliant reviews out there ref. the Auralic range of streams and DAC. The Vega G1 seems a superb product but I can’t seem to find anyone that’s done a head-to-head with, for example, the NAC-N 272. Has anyone had a listen?

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Interested to know. But Naim’s new streamers are the ones to beat apparently!!

No experience of the Vega but I do have an Aries G2 streaming transport between my Uniti Core and Naim Dac. I think this is a superb combination and I bought the Aries in preference to the NDX2. This surprised me a bit as for many years I have had an all Naim system. After several months I am still amazed at how good my ripped CD’s are sounding.

Now the subject’s (Auralic) been mentioned it looks like there’s a few users out there… it’s like they were keeping their heads down :wink:

Why not use the BNC spdif connector?


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previously chord qutest/ NDX . NEW system G1 Streamer into G1 vega dac the best my system has ever been ,bass and top end now sound really natural, sort of analogue. the usb input is very good ,although tend to not to use it. and of cause no buffering/drop out on any input . AND THE APP IS ONE OF THE BEST. For the first time I have used the AES 110 ohm digital cable instead of chord array cable and that did improve the output . speaker quad 2912 end game upgrade

The glowing feedback from all users has made me decide that Auralic is DEFINITELY on my ‘must demo’ list for the next update. The problem is it’s a BIG jump… money wise I mean :frowning:

Okay… I admit it, just had an email back from an Auralic AD I emailed yesterday evening… Starting the exploration stage anyway :slight_smile:

had the g1 vega dac first used its streaming function. then added the g1 aries streamer this was a major leap . the cost with £2400 trade for NDX WAS £2500 .far the best streaming upgrade I have done . to me my orbe/sme/ortifon vinyl and digital auralic sound the same now

The G1 VEGA DAC though is a streamer as well? I’ve looked at the Auralic web site and there seems to be the Aries G1 which is simply a streamer or the VEGA G1 which is a streamer+DAC+preamp. I’m confused why you would go for both? Do you mean the Plain VEGA DAC plus Aries Streamer? That makes sense. Not trying to sound condescending… just trying to understand the products.

after demoing both?


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After reading both 272&ATC40As and Aurélic Vega G2 reviews (the ear) I wonder if someone can describe the sq dufference in few words

Yes please :slight_smile:
There are a few more reviews out there as well e.g. hifi+

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g1 vega /streamer is a basic platform. not as good as the mini . as a streamer it is flawed ,as a dac excellent , so I purchased the aries g1 streamer into the g1 vega dac , result stunning .,

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I wouldn’t buy any equipment without a proper demo. On this occasion two lengthy demo’s (at the same dealer). I listened to the NDX2 on its own and through the NDac. I preferred the former. In fact, I really liked the NDX2, it’s an excellent streamer (well it is a Naim) and I expected to order one. I can fully understand its popularity. For me though, there was just something missing. The level of excitement and emotional connection with the music was lacking to some degree (I was used to a CDX2/NDac combination) and the Aries G2 and NDac pairing provided it. It just sounded so right to me. Others will make a different choice and rightly so. There is a vast range of Hi Fi equipment available and a proper demo is essential.

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Interesting, I have a G2 wending its way to me at the moment to feed my Hugo TT and Holospring DACs. Too hard for me to demo it (or alternatives) so interested in your comparison of the 2 products.


dcs network bridge has very good reviews too. Same price category.

Both the Auralic Aries G2 and the dCS Network bridge seem very interesting devices but I could find very little information about their software.

Ideally one would expect them be at least standard UPnP, Roon, Chromecast and Airplay transports that one can control with any UPnP, Roon, etc. control point or application. Is this the case? Or are these devices forcing one to use (yet another) proprietary control app? Can one run MinimServer on the G2 when this is deployed as a server?

@Sloop_John_B can I ask why you are using the tt with the Vega G2? Also, are you planning on connecting straight to a naim amp, or is there another preamp in the picture?

It’s the Aeries G2 streamer I’ve ordered not the DAC, their nomenclature is confusing. It’s to (hopefully) upgrade on my ultraRendu which is what gets Roon to my DACs.

It seems that Auralic has spent a lot of effort on power supply and casing to reduce RFI and other eddies in the music flow continuum. Also it gives me a remote to control Roon. I will be able to “teach” my current Naim remote to stop and start Roon playback.

My path will Roon core (ROCK) -> Auralic Aeries G2 -> DAC -> NAC 552 -> NAP 300 -> SL2. Music stored on QNAP NAS.


“ The ARIES G2 offers nearly universal connectivity for access to all your digital sources. Tri-band Wi-Fi and Ethernet open your system to UPnP/DLNA media servers, shared network folders, high-resolution Internet Services, and Internet Radio, as well as RoonReady, Bluetooth, AirPlay, and SongCast control.”