Auralic Vega G1

A 250DR + passive SCM 40s cost more than SCM 40As, I think. Or do you already have the ATCs? If so, it might be worth investigating if they can be upgraded to active and if so how much it would cost.


It’s about an extra 3K to go to the 40As…

However another spanner has just been thrown into the works in the form of the ATC P1 power amp!! Which, from what I’ve read, is pretty much the power amp setup that’s found in the active SCM speakers. The P1 is c. £2300; a stonking price IMHO.

Try True Signal phase audio cables available with a send back guarantee…much cheaper than Naim or Chord. Ultimate Silver is particularly good, so far they have had excellent reviews in the press.

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hmmm I did not buy Naim source or speakers Sloop…

The issue with Auralic is that it seems to have 4 filters, and I could not (on the old Aries) find a way to turn them off. With a Chord Dac, such kind of filters are not required, and indeed require bit perfect data.

hence my reservation about Auralic.

  1. Chromecast - No
  2. Minim Server - Yes. The Lightening DS app searches for DNLA streams (if that’s the coorect term) and adds to the app similar to the Naim app.

You could also use the server in the Auralic and pint it towards the NAS or attach a USB drive. The app is iOS only.

  1. Tidal gapless - yes
  2. Qobuz gapless - yes - Your Tidal and Qobuz “favourites” show up in the app and Qoubiz and Tidal are searchable from within the app.
  3. The Auralic firmware updates automatically over the internet for example latest 6.0 firmware added a parametric equaliser.

I won’t be using any of the above as I’ll be using the roon input and AirPlay and Spotify occasionally.


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Congratulations and thanks a lot for the detailed infos! Enjoy the G2 and let us know how it goes on! Best, nbpf

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I’m intrigued how you have the Lightning Server on a VEGA product :wink:

That’s just my bad in naming the product in the app :blush:

It should read and now does read Aeries G2.


:blush: Enjoy your listening, they are an excellent range of products. I enjoyed my home demos and found that Auralic responded quickly to any queries.

OTA updates are a double edged sword but, on balance, I think it’s a good feature. Are you advised before hand so you can you elect or not to proceed with the update?

Af far as I can see so far one does not get a choice but I’m open to correction. I’d certainly prefer to option to stay put for a few days but hopefully beta takes care of most issues.


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I’ve put my streamer update on hold at the moment due to the aforementioned amp change (ATC). That get’s rid of any spare cash for many months to come :frowning: It also gives me time to properly investigate the choices. Auralic is right up there at the top but I’ve been looking around… Linn is a choice as well :slight_smile:

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