AV2 going strong to 2020


A few years ago I bought an AV2, mostly to get rid of grounding issues (bad mains, loads of digital devices), possibly to get surround sound and as a cheap Preamp or Dac if needed.

Netflix has entered the house, but they send in Dolby Digital Plus, a format the AV2 nor my TV can parse - the TV downsamples it to PCM.

Since I’m a few weeks of around Christmas, I found time to try some things and I found that the unused Apple TV can convert Dolby Digital Plus to normal Dolby Digital. A toslink cable between the Apple TV and the AV2 did the trick - so we enjoy Netflix in surround now.

And the good thing is … it makes music too! It has that Naim touch.

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Great to hear your AV2 is still giving good service. I still have mine, but not being used at the moment. I keep meaning to dig it out and use it somewhere.

It stood in as preamp in my system many years ago when my NAC252 had gone and I was awaiting my NAC552 - Every time my 552 was ready I was usually abroad and returned to find it had been sold on somewhere else - so for a good few months at least the AV2 did a valiant job in its place. It definitely had the Naim engagement factor.

so Richard there is a Naim sound… :grinning:

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Not sure about a “Naim sound”, but there are definitely areas where Naim is particularly strong, engagement being uppermost I feel.

Analog, I do like Naim for more than the sound quality. The SQ is for me engaging indeed, but what I also like very much is the simple industrial look of the Naim portfolio. Regarding the AV2 specifically, I think it is a masters design how the AV2 can be configured and operated using only 2 touch buttons and a dial!

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Erm… I only love naim for the Rhythmic musical quality but yes they look amazing.

Same goes for chord products. Amazing Clarity and rhythmic ability but looks are … unusual ?

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The AV2 is so integrated into my set up and long since discontinued that I really should think about getting a spare just in case!

We’ve recently added Netflix too but via the Virgin V6 box which is connected to the AV2 via optical so we get 5.1 surround too on material that has it.

Was skeptical about the quality before signing up but admit to being pretty impressed with both picture and sound. I guess having a fibre optic connection for the broad band with Virgin helps as we get over 200Mbps.

That AV2 is a pretty special thing IMO. I wonder if there’s any benefit in fitting a Powerline to one now I’ve got a few spare?


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