B&W 702 S2 Signature

Anyone bought the 702 Signature series ?
If so what do you think of them.
Planning on running them with my Naim SN2 with HiCap - DR for now until I upgrade to a NAP250 and Preamp when I can going forward.
I have ordered the 702 S2 but tempted to change for above
Many thanks in advance

May I ask what made you change your mind?

BTW, I did agree with your assessment of the finish, way too busy and high gloss on top. Do consider this as in the end they’ll likely be prominently present in your living room and you’ll be staring at them a lot.

Still not convinced with the rose nut as the wife thinks that it would not go with her plans…and several people have mentioned that the signature is as close as you would get to a 800. Who knows, I have 7 days to cancel my order and cannot go out or drive as having an operation on Friday. Paid monies to my dealer already for my 702 s2 rose nut.

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