Back in the game part III

So voila……,

1987 LP12/ Ittok serviced
New Dynavector high output MC cartridge
New Nait50
Monitor Audio M852 circa 1987

Forgive the rats nest at the back, just plugged in and off I go,
It’s been so long….wow what a rush….

Speakers will be upgraded at some point and some LP12 changes are in my sights but for now this is just great.


Like your skirting!


Nice. Those MA R-852s aren’t too shabby though, and would really show any improvements upstream with the LP12.

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Looks like a 20X, maybe…?

DV-10x5 mk ii……v.impressed it with it even before any run in….

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DV 10X user here… In an Ittok, on an LP12… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looks terrific. But really - that mains block has to go!


Agreed !…. Any recommendations?

Depends on budget! The sky’s the limit. But if tight then stick with some DIY MK sockets - probably as good as anything below quite a lot of money.


Nice Black Tik Tok quite rare. :+1:t2:

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How do those 852 sound? Suspect from the drivers that they have the MA “house sound”? (slightly bright but not fatiguing)

I remember seeing those back in the early 90s. Eventually ended up with a set of MA floorstanders (1996) with the gold metal domes, which we are still using now in the office.

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I assume some sort of rack is planned? An LP12 deserves better than a wooden plank on the floor, not to mention the dust it will attraact down there.

They still sound great to my ears, the bass is really ‘tight’, controlled, deep but not booming,

The middle is where it really shines, but the top can be as you say …. Bright. But the reason I like then so much, is the musical conveyance. The emotion of the music is most important and these deliver.

I will be looking around for something more modern and ideally physically a bit smaller, but happy as they are for now

Oh yes……. I’m surprised it took so long for someone to critique……

I’m going to take my time looking for something that isn’t too ‘oil rigish’ so aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

Corky, I have a Nait 50, and am looking for a cartridge.

Is the output of the Dynavector high enough not to need a step up transformer for the Nait’s MM input?

If so, you may have found the cartridge that I’m looking for. What is the model number, please?

Many thanks.

PS I’ve had a look, and think that it may be a Dynavector 10X5?

Hi Graham,

Yes the output is high enough for the phono stage of the 50, no SUT or head amp required.

It’s a Dynavector DV-10X5 mk II.

Pricey but it is an MC. :grinning:

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If you like the presentation of the MA 852s where musical connection is to the fore and are looking for a similar lively, agile and detailed delivery, then a modern alternative could be Russell K Red 50 or the slightly larger (about the same size as the 852) Red 100. They are rather good, and a refreshing alternative take on the usual designs. Well worth an audition.

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Thank you. That may be just what I’m looking for.

I have had exclusively Dynavector cartridges for some time. I have now a Te Kaitora Rua in my ‘big’ system. I’m looking for something more modest for a ‘second’ system, based around my new NAIT50.

Thanks for the tip…

I’m looking for something in this price range to plug directly into my NAIT XS3, definitely want to listen to the Dynavector but any other recommendations?