As they have done, with this thread!


Do too much moderation encourage engagement? just a question…no offense


Hi Mr Rooster,

You understood my initial post and my response perfectly. And it is very kind of you to say so, thank you very much indeed for your support.

The initial post WAS (at least intended to be) humorous and ironic, possibly a bit sarcastic. I didn’t name anybody and I was genuinely astonished at the initial reaction by others above.

I set out an explanation and an apology to any and all who might have been offended and I am even more surprised at the subsequent follow up response. The personal attack that is embodied with in that response is unjustified and deeply disappointing. I am relieved that yourself and others did appreciate my attempt at a bit of humour.


i really appreciated your humor. We should more often use it in the forum, because it’s a proof of open mind and distanciation.
I personally received some attacks myself on the old forum, because of my humor not understood. So i understand you very well.
Your humor wasn’t against someone, or against some belief, so i think that it’s even not necessary to apologize.


As I intimated, there seemed to have been a predeliction towards taking things as personal criticism when they weren’t, with over the top dramatic reaction. I am sure that most people reading this thread would recognise that your post was simply the lighthearted humour that you intended it to be.


Apparently their is a ‘don’t over react’ badge…:grinning:

A ‘Sarcasm’ badge…:smile:

That touched a ‘Raw Nerve’ badge…:smile:

I was being ‘ironic’ badge…:smile:

I am ‘extremely annoyed’…badge…:smile:

I need to find my ‘sense of humour’ badge …:grin:


Just got a badge for my first “Onebox”

Whoopee !!

PS Before you ask, I haven’t got a clue either !


Intriguing… all I can say is congratulations :grin:


Did you buy a Nova? :wink:



Congratulations Don.

As you’re curious…


They give 'em away free to all the riff-raff


Hmm, I’ve got one of those as well - and certainly I haven’t linked to any favourite sites, though I may have linked to some site or other.


I’m jealous… I haven’t got a Onebox :smile:


Nice link Richard, thank you. I had a quick look.

I can read the words … but I haven’t got a clue what they mean :sunglasses:

But nonetheless, thank you.


Yep Mike, that’s one of the benefits of being Riff-raff :grinning:


Well, I always knew you were riff-raff also :sunglasses: