Balance knob off center

I’ve searched the forum and can conclude that a debate regarding balance knobs being off center is something of an issue. My Supernait seemed to suffer from this but there is some uncertainty because of speaker placement at the time.

Now my speakers are placed exactly symmetrically and I had no imballance issues with the 202/200. The only thing changed are the pre/power. I also moved the isoblue from a meter off the wall to 30 cm. I don’t really mind having the knob slightly off center but it would be good to know if the 282 is supposed to be like that.

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Just pull it off and recenter it :slight_smile:

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Nah, doesn´t really bother me😊

It depends, it may be misaligned or have slipped on the shaft (it’s just a friction fit secured by nut that then closes around the collar). There have been instances where if it’s loose and the LED wires get snagged or pinched the knob can drag and then eventually it gets misaligned. Does it go the same distance wound all the way left to right? If not, it’s a fairly easy fix for your dealer to rectify this. Best thing is to have it checked out if you’re uncertain.

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Ok so are there any other possible problems that may result in the offset of balance?

Wish I had a dealer closer than 265km😊

And I bought the 282 from a dealer in Helsinki😁

But God does it sound good!

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My 282 balance knob is set exactly as yours to get a properly centred mono signal. I put it down to room interaction but perhaps it is a technical issue.

Not really bothered either way.


Plenty of other things that could cause it - room acoustics, faulty amp, faulty speakers, faulty crossover, faulty source, faulty recording, faulty interconnects, faulty volume pot…

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The 552 has a nut the 282’s is on splines. Both of these were off centre. The latter’s can be pulled off but take care the wires allow full movement. I did the 282 myself but got the dealer to sort the 552.

Thanks Yeti, yes, hazy memory after so long… At least it means that the NAC282 should be easier for Lucifer to rectify if it’s misaligned.

Just moved my listening position to my marker, it had accidentally shifted. Now it´s centered with the knob centered. Really sensitive this.

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