Banana Plugs for Naim Amps - Part 2

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Banana Plugs for Naim Amps

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I have just acquired these, on the speakers ends of a set of pre-loved A5 leads:

Can anyone identify them…? Gold plated, crimp on.

Wondering if to keep or get some Deltrons (which I have, in stock) soldered on instead… :thinking:

They look like crimp fitting Deltron’s


Could be… Or these - QED Airloc -

They are not total cr$p then… :crazy_face:

There are Naim SA8’s on the amp end… :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bizarrely, the polarity of one leads was reversed - which I spotted and fixed, easily - no soldering).

Different wire spring on the Airloc versions. I’d go crimp on Deltron as Mike suggests.

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What does the Jury think…? @Mike-B , @james_n

Keep as is - or get solder Deltrons fitted…?

Keep, more than likely they are Deltron, certainly the same side spring design as Deltron.
Crimp is claimed in some quarters to be better than solder, certainly a very good connection if tooled correctly (which this looks to be)


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