Bands you saw on the Student or College Circuit

Sort of a gig. Saw TISWAS live on tour in our Students Union. Fantastic fun but we got soaked during “The Bucket of Water song”.


Oh @Fifty-Fifty you have brought back happy memories, I also remember seeing Wishbone Ash and Vinegar Joe at Manchester Uni. Think is was 1972 if my memory serves me well. Two great bands.


I think that 1972 would be accurate . I seem to remember that Elkie wore pretty raunchy outfits and the audience response wasn’t exactly the current PC reaction. Lots of those projected pulsating oil lantern slides I seem to remember.


I always preferred jazz but two non-jazz concerts I remember were The Nice, knives in the keyboards phase and Michael Chapman. I can see him singing Postcards of Scarborough even now.

A lovely voice. Not hard to look at, either.

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Same era but Warwick wasn’t renowned for attracting the best bands. Unfortunately my music taste was 70s rock and US grunge skewed so I missed the opportunity to see Radiohead, Manics and Cranberries.

A few off the top of my head that I did, erm, have the pleasure of experiencing:
Utah Saints
Sister Sledge (one sister and a backing track!)
Soupdragons (I think)

And…last but not least…

Professor Brian Cox and D-ream!


I saw Curved Air play in London in - I think - 2015 or 16.
Darryl Way did a number or two with them.

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ULU Main Hall on Mallet St - remember it well. At early 80s ‘Presidents Balls’ I remember seeing the Thompson Twins, the Rezillos… and Gary Glitter !

The main action was at Ronnie Scott’s with a Student Discount Card though (admission during the week either £1 or £2). Bill Evans, Gil Evans, Mingus Dynasty, Woody Shaw, McCoy Tyner, Pullen/Adams, Elvin Jones, Cedar Walton, George Coleman, Art Blakey etc.


Wow, you’re young!!

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If only…!
They played at ‘Under the Bridge’ - a rather nice venue beneath Chelsea’s football stadium.
To be honest, apart from Sonjia I don’t know how many original members were still performing.

I do have their original first album picture disc - ‘Air Conditioning’.


I saw quite a few, now over 40 years ago. Those which stand out:

  • Focus

  • Rory Gallagher


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Liverpool student union 77-80.
Eddie and the hot rods
Climax blues band
Johnnie Kidd and The pirates
Those that spring to mind.

Cardiff Students Union 1973 …… 76ish

Tangerine Dream
Curved Air
Thin Lizzy
John Martyn with Paul Kossoff
Barclays James Harvest
Bob Harris Whistle Stop Roadshow featuring Streetwalkers
Dr. Feelgood
Fairport Convention with Sandy Denny
Van D G Generator
The Kinks


That’s a great list imho.

Thanks, I’m sure there are a few more but for the life of me I cannot remember.

Eurythmics (summer ‘83)
Slade (ended with toilet roll fight)
Billy Bragg
Gary Glitter (always meant something else in rhyming slang too, and we didn’t know what the future would bring)

Those are the ones I can remember from on the premises. Slade were outstanding, and I was 10’ away from Annie Lennox when the Eurythmics played. They’d had their #1 hit, so were really well known, and they, too, were consummate performers. Surprisingly few people showed up for Marillion, who were good, but on the night Pallas were better.

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I went up to Sheffield Uni in 1970. Loads of gigs at uni and also at Sheffield City Hall. Here are a few of the standouts I remember from that time:

Free (1970 Freshers week gig at uni)
Roxy Music
Wishbone Ash
Mott The Hoople
Van Der Graaf Generator
Matthews Southern Comfort
Barclay James Harvest
Vinegar Joe (Elkie Brooks lead singer)
Led Zeppelin
Paul McCartney & Wings (their first tour - just turned up one lunchtime and asked to play for free!!)

Heady days.


I never went to Uni/College but I did get to see Boomtown Rats at Hendon College which was filmed and shown on TV as one of the “Rock Goes To College” series.
I was going to gigs while still at school and after I left school but they were not on College/Uni circuit.

That’s a great anecdote. What else were you doing “on a Friday”?

I was in Plymouth 88/91, and a second time 92/94 and don’t recall the opportunity to see any bands.

Southampton 1978/79 a band from Ireland made a good racket in the SU: U2.
Also remember seeing Weather Report and Roxy Music at about the same time - they were both really good.
The band I so regret not seeing was Gentle Giant who were only down the M27 in Portsmouth. Good times good music.
Currently playing BJH!

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