Bargain purchases that bring pleasure far beyond their cost

Simple one, we’ve enjoyed feeding the birds this winter and have some lovely friendly robins.

A new B&M store opened, had a quick look around and thought this was a £7.99 bargain I could locate near the kitchen window whereas most of our bird feeders have been on trees prior to this:

An absolute joy to be able to watch the birds feeding whereas they’d normally be feeding out of sight.


Will post a couple of photos in due course, sadly my favourite Canon lens ( Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM) was stolen many years ago, it would have been very good for taking photos of some of these little beauties, though I’m coming to realise perhaps that my 5D Mk II has been well and truly surpassed.

Yes -and if it’s metal, far more difficult for vermin to get up. Wooden tables give plenty of purchase - I do however take the double precaution of heavily greasing the pole …

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Yes, it’s metal and pretty sturdy, for £7.99 incredibly good value making it so much easier to hang bird feeders than reaching up to tree branches and they seem to love the little mesh tray more than the hanging feeders though loved seing 7-8 tiny birds going at the suet balls in one yesterday.

Yes birds like to feed in the open, but within range of tree shelter. They like to see if there’s any danger whilst taking the food. If you put the feeder too near a tree, it can make it less comfortable. Great way to feed them and as you say, you can watch!

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Sitting in a nice and calm place outside, when sunny.


A few of today’s visitors:

This chap had his own stash:


The last one is not a good one , I hate them.


Pretty, but they eat berries and leave a real mess on the car!

Pretty? Humm
The others, yes.

Good in pies perhaps?


Pigeon pies? What’s that ?

Interestingly the larger birds find it hard to get to the food which is great for the smaller ones, so I leave separate piles for the bigger birds to eat.

Utterly amusing seeing a little robin standing on the mesh tray and hopping up to peck the big fat ball on the left - the clever ones sit on top of it and eat it from above!

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Never tried it but it may be going into the pot the next time it does this :sunglasses::


My god, I lost my appetite for the next days. Awful! I consider pigeons as flying rats :laughing:, they eat all the rubbish in Paris, even cigarettes ends.


It’s a wood pigeon, not a city pigeon, in the pie.

I upset people saying seagulls were flying rats a few years ago - they are lovely looking birds but very aggressive and territorial, my dislike stems from trying to help an injured one and being stabbed in the face by the bird with attendant bleeding - by all accounts I was lucky as people have had eyes pecked out.


Yes, I know. But I couldn’t eat it, despite being a wood pigeon. Pigeons are a nightmare here.

I think mine’s a wood pigeon isn’t it Don?