Battery replacement HDX (once again)

I’ve tried the DEL key above the arrow keys, the DEL key on the numeric pad section and the backspace arrow- the backspace arrow does nothing. The other 2 DEL keys both lead to the VGA monitor going blank, and the HDX screen says “Starting…” forever.

@110dB ?

No don’t ask @110dB, the guy to ask is @NeilS.

The DEL key above the direction arrows is the correct one to use. I suspect that your chosen monitor is having trouble displaying the screen resolution of the BIOS screen.
Do you have an alternative monitor available to try?


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Thank you @NeilS . I tried another monitor (a TV) but with the same exact same result. BTW I’m using a VGA to HDMI adapter with supports resolutions up to 1920x1080@60Hz (1080p Full HD) including 720p, 1600x1200, 1280x1024. The original monitor was a NEC MultiSync PA272 which displays the first screen on HDX start up, but simply reports no HDMI signal as soon as I press the DEL key. Could the adapter be the problem? Regards.


Ok, lets try to do this blind - don’t worry, the BIOS is pretty well locked down, so unlikely to do any harm if it goes wrong.
Switch the unit on with your monitor connected & press the delete key above the direction arrows when you reach the CMOS error screen you posted above.
Give it 10 seconds or so.
Using the direction arrow keys:
Press right once.
Press down three times.
Press Return.
Press the Y key.
Press return.
Direction down arrow once.
Press return twice.

Hopefully the unit should then boot up.
Then shutdown & restart.
If the unit then boots without issue, then use the Naim menu system to set the date & time.

Best of luck!



Well played Neil! Worked a charm first time. Thanks so much!


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Great news!
As an FYI - the BIOS screen is a blistering 640x480@60Hz
Glad you got it sorted.



Great service anytime but especially late on a Friday evening.



It’s the first time I’ve suggested doing it blind Sloop - now it’s tried & tested, hopefully others may find it useful in the future.



I have read, and reread these pages a number of times, looked all over the internet, Youtube, NAIM Audio, and have yet to see the schematics for the HDX! Maybe I am blind, maybe it is right in front of me, but staring at the guts, then with high brightness spot, now with photos, still don’t see the battery?
Anyone KNOW where it is please ? ( I mean should be on the motherboard, but just don’t see it. ). And i wonder, if replacing the battery, and maybe resetting the BIOS, will fix the fan issue, of the unit , which apparently many people commented on ? Anyone from NAIM knows the answer ? Thank you! (PS: HAven’t used the unit in years, because of the fan issue, then went to restart, as have my BRYSTON BDP-2 out of the rack, and unit would not start. Just got hot, but never started, hence the look to replace the CMOS. Original unit, with 500 MB drives, that I was going to replace with SSD, but got involved, testing units from LOAD). I did replace my CD/R/RW, as I saw a Samsung unit in MicroCenter in the US a few years back for $20…Thanks !

It’s a CR2032 button type battery about 7/8 inch across and 1/8 inch thick. It will be there somewhere and I never read of anyone else having a problem finding it. You will indeed have to reset the Bios. I suspect it won’t help your fan issue.

Isn’t it better to use a br2032 instead of the cr2032 given that it less self-discharge and has higher temp tolerances?

Not really. It was designed for CR2032 and they don’t fail early. Best to stick with what Naim specified imho.

From a picture I found on the web the battery is most likely to be on the motherboard which seems to be loacated underneath a smaller board. The motherboard is the blue board in the picure below so perhaps the battery is hidden by the smaller board.

Guys, with all due respect, the battery type, size, brand isn’t the question. I personally prefer Duracell, HAVE A brand new one, as I keep on hand. ( I am in this business). My question was very specific, “Where on the motherboard and or where is the board located?” If you know, GREAT, and thank you ! (The fan issue was and or is, possibly related, as this, after all, a computer…and NOTHING is random, everything has lines of code written, somewhere in the OS. That aside, location please? )

I’m sure @NeilS can guide you in where to find the battery.

You of all people should be able to find the CMOS backup battery if you know what you are looking for then.

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I got the best answer generated:



As an AI language model, I do not have personal experience or access to images of the internal components of the Naim HDX. However, based on available information online, the battery in the Naim HDX is located internally and requires disassembly of the unit to access it. It is recommended to contact a qualified technician for battery replacement to avoid damaging the delicate components of the device.

It’s right next to the PCI card slot.